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    Reverend Loveshade in his most common mask as Leonardo da Vinci (self-portrait by da Vinci)

    Reverend Loveshade is one of the most important and controversial 21st century Discordians and Personists. His work and links to his work appear on many Discordian sites, and he is mentioned several times in Wikipedia and Wikiquote, and is even in Wikisource. He contributed to many Discordian collections, and is the editor and chief writer of one of the most important of the new generation of Discordian/Personist works, Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht. This book is a rarity as it's the subject of several commentaries, including one by United States Senate candidate Al Barger [1], and is highly controversial even though it hasn't been yet been published. In July 2009, he released Intermittens issue 7 under the editor alias of Sheered Völva. The Operation Mindfuck issue was highly praised by many of Loveshade's detractors until his secret identity was exposed. He has been investigated by a variety of agencies in the United States and other countries, and went into hiding for over four years.

    Early Years[edit]

    His mother Bonnie gave birth to Bruce, his real name, when she was only 15 and unmarried. This was on June 13, 1975. A California Caucasian, she had been sent while pregnant to her aunt's house in Texas. But she ran away to return to her son's African-American father Barney, who was 19. She was also friends with Luna Wilson, daughter of Robert Anton Wilson and Arlen Riley Wilson.

    After his mother lost custody of him to her parents, Bruce was raised very strictly, and because of being mixed race was nicknamed "Oreo" by schoolmates after the black Oreo cookie with white filling. Instead of letting this bother him, he started bringing Oreo cookies to school. He had an escape during summer vacation at his aunt's house who he affectionately called his "crazy aunt." He later had a younger sister named Brie "Susie" and a brother named Brian. All the children had names that started with "B" like their parents, and were named after references in Monty Python sketches.

    At age 12, Bruce found his first love in a 15-year-old church choir member he nicknamed Malch. He volunteered as a janitor to clean up after practice so he could be near her. He also amused her with his antics, including sneaking up behind the choir director during a rehearsal and pretending to direct with a toilet plunger. One day at her home, she gave him his first French kiss.

    But she refused to listen to him after he ceremoniously handed her a roll of toilet paper on which he had written "An Ode to M's Commode." She was convinced he had spied on her while she was sitting on the toilet, and refused to believe his denials.

    He became withdrawn. He challenged his teachers and grandparents, and when asked to quote Bible verses, would recite ones that were violently or sexually explicit. He was perhaps the only student in a Christian school who was forbidden by a teacher to read from the Bible. Later, he willingly gave his virginity to a school worker when he was age 13. He became more social and started doing better in school.

    In 1981, his mother Bonnie became a founding member of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild, a Mt. Santa Juanita College club that was later to inspire him. She adopted the member name "Moondancer" in honor of her friend Luna, who had been murdered at age 15.

    His parents won custody of him as he was ready to enter high school in 1989. Tragically, his father died, either by hanging or due to a heart attack or aneurism, the next year. The family was left destitute.

    College and Career[edit]

    He worked as a news carrier as a teenager and hung around the reporters, including one later known as Alden Loveshade. It was then that he heard Kerry Thornley rant about conspiracies and having a warehouse full of information. As Omar Khayyam Ravenhurst, Thornley had been a founder of Discordianism.

    After high school, Bruce went to college for about two years until he was kicked out. He and two others were found posting spurious flyers about a college board of trustees candidate that they had printed by breaking into a college office.

    He worked for several small publications in America and Great Britain. He also attended other colleges, and at various times studied journalism, creative writing, zoology, human sexuality, and tantric sex. To make extra money, he appeared in at least three short pornographic movies, including one called "School Girl Spank" which allegedly featured the erotic spanking of a 16-year-old girl (who may actually have been 15). It was released in France under the title Fessées pour Lycéennes.

    While Loveshade never earned a bachelor's degree, he later earned an honorary Doctor of Divinity Degree in America.

    Discordian Connections[edit]

    In addition to hearing Kerry Thornley rant, he met Greg Hill (i.e. Principia Discordia author Malaclypse the Younger). He corresponded frequently with Robert Anton Wilson, who was his spiritual grandfather he called "Grandbob." It was Wilson who first used the Reverend Loveshade name in correspondence, although he never published anything under that name.

    Ek-sen-trik Discordians[edit]

    In 1994, Loveshade founded the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild. He wrote several pieces, many of which were intended for Apocrypha Discordia, a book Principia Discordia publisher Steve Jackson Games had considered but never made. Many of these writings appeared in various places online and in several Discordian publications including Apocrypha Discordia, Book of Eris, Discordia Prophetica, Et Cetera Discordia, Principia Harmonia, The Shamlicht Kids Club Handbook, and the play West End Trash

    In late 2001, after the September 11 terrorist attack on the United States, Reverend Loveshade and other members and friends of the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild were quietly investigated. This was done by agencies of the United States Government including the FBI and CIA, and by several other law enforcement agencies, some in other countries.

    The Ek-sen-trik Discordians were investigated for various suspected crimes including promotion of child pornography, possession of controlled substances (illegal drugs) and being an organized crime ring/religious cult. (If his porn film co-star was actually age 16, her film appearance was legal in England but would be considered illegal child pornography in America where the film was also sold. And she may actually have been 15 years old, making the film illegal in England as well. The group also promoted the right of people of all ages to express their own sexuality.)

    Strangely enough, they were also investigated for consorting with terrorists, and even with terrorism. Some of them had been associated with Terrorists for Truth, and posted various pieces online, including one called "How to Raise a Terrorist." This appeared on a few websites, but was mysteriously gone from the Internet before the end of 2001.

    One of these investigated members, a conspiracy theorist known as Dorian Jack, was found mysteriously dead at home in late 2001, having died of "cardiac arrest." A former assistant coroner said the term, which simply means the heart stopped, is used when the cause of death is unknown. In December of 2001, member BloodStar [2] went into hiding, followed by Reverend Loveshade in February of 2002. The writings, images, correspondence, art work, movies and property of several people were seized, including materials belonging to or about Reverend Loveshade, BloodStar, Danacasso, Dr. Sinister Craven (who may possibly be Loveshade's stepfather), Dorian Jack, the journalist later known as Alden Loveshade, a teenaged girl known as The Mary, and another teenager who later became known both as Lorien Loveshade [3] and Princess Unicornia.

    Reverend Loveshade disappeared for three years, not 'reappearing' until the middle of 2005, after the FBI determined the group had done nothing illegal.

    In June 2008, he and a few others got together for a mini-unconvention they called ShamliCon.

    While he is in contact with others and posts online, his location, current legal name and even his face are still kept secret. But at the beginning of 2011 he posted that he was performing a Discordian wedding in the United Kingdom.

    Weekly World News[edit]

    He started writing comments on the website of "The World's Only Reliable News" the Weekly World News and emailed them several articles. The WWN was featured in the movie Men in Black, and is known for reports of Bat Boy, alien invasions and predicting the world will end this year (every year).

    He was hired as a WWN reporter in 2009. He was not allowed to use the name Reverend Loveshade, but often writes under the shared pseudonym Frank Lake. The original Frank Lake pioneered pastoral counseling and studied transactional analysis, gestault therapy, and was a long-time proponent of LSD, researching it into the 1970s, long after it was banned in America.

    His most popular article so far is "MILEY CYRUS TO DO PLAYBOY," which had cooperation from the then underage Miley Ray Cyrus and was inspired by a Discordian American Princess.


    On January 18, 2011, Pat Pineapple Day and Robert Anton Wilson's birthday, he announced that DD of the ECG member Olivia aka Ms. Candy Monkey aka Miss Monkey Candy was pregnant. He also said "there's an 85.37 percent chance the father is...well, let me put it this way. I am currently known as Reverend Loveshade but am considering changing my name to Father Loveshade." He would not confirm or deny rumors that she, like his mother, got pregnant at 15-years-old.

    Lexena Rae, a girl, was born on June 11, 2011. The name Lexena was suggested by DrOwl and Minnie Rae by Miley Spears.

    Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht[edit]

    After almost six years of work, the book is almost finished. It began on July 2, 2005, shortly after the investigations concluded. Reverend Loveshade claimed to have a "dream-vision" where the goddesses Eris/Discordian and Aneris/Harmonia, and the cherub Princess Shamlicht, told him to write Ek-sen-trik-kuh Discordia: The Tales of Shamlicht, with others. He "came out of hiding," although he actually is living under a different name than his original one, under which he is reportedly banned from flying on a commercial airline. BloodStar is still missing.

    After many delays, as of mid 2011, the book, some of which has been posted online, is apparently nearly completed, and the group will soon be looking for a publisher. It includes articles on animal and human sex, humorous and explicit illustrations, ek-sen-trik discordian holy days, essays, humorous stories, rants, poetry, and even the Shamlicht Kids Club. It promotes Personism, the concept that each person should be accepted and respected as individual, and also contains references to the group's activities, including some veiled clues about the members and information on the original Ek-sen-triks and Discordians.

    The book has three proposed covers. One shows a female crotch, and the other two are different versions of a naked pregnant girl. The girl is probably either Olivia carrying Lexena Rae, or Alicia who was a member of Shamlicht Kids Club.

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