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Mythics of Harmonia

The Sacred Chao with Pentagram, symbol of the Mythics of Harmonia

Mythics of Harmonia is a Discordian cabal started by two teenaged girls in 2006. The cabal's purpose is "To achieve perfection through mutual trust and sharing love in natural harmonious discord."

Princess Unicornia (Lorien Loveshade) and Fairy Princess Yoshikyoko (Mindy Yuko) founded the group which worships the Goddess Harmonia, also known as Concordia. They claim she is the same as Aneris, the Discordian sister and antithesis to Eris or Discordia.

The group's motto is "Trust, Sharing, Love, Harmony, Perfection." While not required, all but one of the founding members is a preteen or teen virgin girl (the exception is a "born again virgin" teen girl).

Rituals and DisOrders of the group include Princess Amber's Pacifier Suckers, Cloved Lemon Kissers, Cloved Lemon Kissing Game, Dance of the Skyclad, Mutual Sponge Bath, Exaltation of Sharies (shared masturbation), Baptism of the Born Again Virgin, and Underwear Heads.

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