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    Shamlicht Kids Club

    Shamina or Mina and Shamenis or Menis, mascots of the Shamlicht Kids Club

    Shamlicht Kids Club, sometimes known as Smagmoid Kids Club, is a Discordian youth group.


    According to The Shamlicht Kids Club Handbook, Shamlicht Boys or "Sham Boys" was formed on 20 August 2005 by Captain “Sesame Seed” Rogers, and Shamlicht Girls or "Sham Girls" was started on 4 September 2005 by Sister Hooter. But Sister Hooter, disciplinarian for Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception School for Unwed Mothers, claimed the idea first. This was a claim that Captain Rogers, conductor of the Bonobo Boys Band in Boston, disputed.

    After a conflict that lasted for two years, the two founders decided to merge their clubs, which became effective on 3 October 2007. This is in honor of Luna Wilson, the 15-year-old daughter of Robert Anton Wilson and Arlen Riley Wilson who's murdered body was found on that date in 1976.

    The name comes from Cherub Princess Shamlicht, offspring of Goddess Eris, and The Crow Who Says Smagmoid, which is a real animal companion of club co-founder Sister Hooter.


    According to the handbook, 'The Club is open to all boys and girls of any gender who are between the ages of X and Y.' Specific ages are not specified in reflection of the anti-ageist nature of the group.


    The Motto of both Shamlicht Boys and Shamlicht Girls was “Be Protected from Everything.” But upon the planned merger, the Motto became “Be Prepared for Anything.” This proved to be much more useful. (And wasn’t as subject to prosecution as keeping the kids locked in the closet all day had been.)


    The mascots are Shamina or 'Mina' and Shamenis or 'Menis.'


    The most basic unit is the nest, which consists of five to 10 members. Five to 10 nests compose a tree; five to 10 trees compose a grove; and all the groves of a nation or group of nations compose a forest. All the forests combined make up the club.

    Each group forms a name for itself, such as Bluebeard's Nest, Nest of the Pink Vipers, Napping Birch Tree, or Forest Vatican.

    Merit badges[edit]

    Badges a member can earn include Community Service, First Aid, Brain Surgery, Writing, Poetry, Punning, Bicycling, Jockey, Jock Strap, Multiplication, Algebra, Training Bra, Estory, Gymnastics, Knot Tying, Sewing, Wedgies, Science, Fnord, Music, Discord, Dancing, Animal Husbandry, Animal Noises, Camping, Cooking, Chili Making, Tooting, Toilet Papering, Babysitting, Child Proofing, Child Photography, Puberty, Origami, Swimming, Diving, Sink, 1000 Blank White Cards, Painting, Artillery, Scuba, Fiber Arts, Underwater Basket Weaving, Jumping, Jakes, Calvinball, and Binky the WonderSkull Posers.


    SKC now has had several chapters, but some are no longer active. Chapters include Nest of Pink Vipers (the original Shamlicht Girls), Bluebeard's Nest (the original Shamlicht Boys), Purple Ferret's Nest (the first SKC group after the merger), Nest of Khaki Koalas (the first group not in America), Little Stingers Nest, Triceratops Nest, and Dayak Fruit Bat's Nest (the first SubGenius chapter).

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