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Book of Eris is listed as being written by Eris Kallisti Discordia, but was probably compiled by St. Verthaine the Goth, aka Reverend Verthaine the Goth K.S.C. and Monsignor Vincent Sebastian Verthaine, K.S.C. It is a 129-page book published by Timothy Bowen.

It focused on

Goddess of Chaos and Mother of us All In which the GODDESS explains everything to no one in particular. This being a Holy Discordian Bible, One of Five predicted by Malaclypse the Younger being an Advanced Course into The Erisian Mysterees WHICH IS EVEN MORE INTERESTING

While most Discordian works expect the reader to already be fully familiar with Discordianism, this book doesn't. It explains the origins of the religion and expands on its principles with art, humor, essays and stories.

The book was named the Alternate Second Holy Book by the Discordian Division of the Ek-sen-triks CluborGuild.

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