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Discordian protest 1.jpg
  • A person who does not depend on a higher power for happiness, contentment, or dryness...but fully reserves the right to do so.
  • One who sees the fnords
  • Your neighbor's dog, after an appropriate dosage of magic mushrooms (for you, or for the dog, doesn't matter) (appropriate is a completely subjective truth. It is not up for debate).
  • A person who does not eat hot dog buns...but fully reserves the right to do so.
  • The idiot who wrote this page
  • A person who has no problem acknowledging the conflict between the preservation of self, and preservation of society; then promptly disregards both and focuses on meta physical bullshit and drugs.
  • See also erisian
  • See also deluded
  • One who understands the Law of Fives is universal and the harder you search for it, the more universal it becomes. Also, one who understand the comedy of this.

We'll all be dead a lot longer than we'll be alive. If you don't believe me, start timing.