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Patricia Luna Wilson, better known as Luna Wilson, was the daughter of immortalist writer and organizer Robert Anton Wilson and poet Arlen Riley Wilson.

Luna Wilson was the sister of Christina, Graham and Alexandra, and friends of a girl named Bonnie, who later became the mother of Reverend Loveshade. Luna was a pacifist, a vegetarian and lover of people and animals. On October 2, 1976, while working at a clothing store, she was beaten to death in an apparent robbery. Her body wasn't discovered until October 3 (The Shamlicht Kids Club was formed on this date in honor of Luna).

Her brain was put into cryonic suspension by the Bay Area Cryonics Society. About this, her father wrote:

'...by this scientific endeavor we express and commemorate our faith in life and our total rejection of death and violence. By this attempt to preserve life, we say "No" to the dealers in death and violence. We say "No" to the governments that use mass murder as policy. We say "No" to an entertainment industry based on the pornography of violence and the prurience of sadism. And we say "No" to the creature who, in his blind ignorance of the value of life, killled Luna to steal a few dollars.'

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