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    What Should THEY Teach In School

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    OK.. well all know the proverbial THEY. Well..lets give them some feedback from folks that are already out there in life..trying to survive.

    What i wish i was taught in school:

    1. Relaxation - How to deal with the Rat race "out there"
    2. Hatha Yoga - How to concentrate and calm the Monkey Mind studying for a test, pre/post-argument, dissipate anxiety, regulate and enhance multi-bio-systemic functionality
    3. Meditation - How to self realize
    4. Verbal Self Defense - How to deal with employers, abusive family members and emotionally messed up people along your path in life
    5. Speed reading - To use your potential in a constructive manner
    6. How to balanace a check book - The most practical mathematics you can learn
    7. How to get good at picking up new skills - Self-Explanatory
    8. Emergency Medical Procedure - How to save a life
    9. Logic and Left Brain exercises
    10. More comprehensive ways of Expression through Artistic means
    11. How to use power tools
    12. Cradle2Cradle - A new way to design products and percieve the industrial world
    13. Survival Skills like Bow Drills and Debris Huts etc... - to increase intelligence and consiousness about the Illusion of Security and to feel more at home in the Wild if and when one is stranded in it. As a by-product of learning these skill the awareness a reverence for nature is born, almost always.
    14. How to measure and value our successes - academic or in the ‘real world’ - without the use of external, artificial standards such as grades or pay check size.
    15. How to ask smart questions.
    16. How to accept the own body as beautiful (or How to stop feeling under pressure by society's beauty ideals; esp. for the women out there)
    17. How to say NO (AKA, Set Boundries)

    have any more you want to add..please do..

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