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Emergency Medical Procedure

Yes, i did watch somebody rip off his finger on a fence. He got stuck with his finger ring ont the fence and then jumped down the other side. People were getting ice cubes from a nearby store quickly. The person was under shock of course (under the influence of drugs produced by his own body). As far as i know it was possible to sew his finger back on ,because he was being brought to hospital quick enough.

  • Ever dial 9-1-1 or whatever the phone number is in your country (110 in Germany) to call an Ambulance?

This page is dedicated to provide some instruction on how to transform from a terrified observer to an actual constructive person in the time of emergency.

Don't panic.

Call a doctor.

Talk calmly to the person and tell her that she is being helped.

If the person is not conscious turn her to the side and make sure that mouth and nose are free for breathing. (see below how to Clear an airway)

  • Explain the A(irway)-B(reathing)-C(irculation)'s of first response
  • Explain CPR (Cardio-Pulmonary Ressucitation)
  • Explain how to Clear an airway for a choking Victim
This page is still under construction.