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    Cradle to Cradle[edit]

    A variation on the coined 'Cradle to Grave' phrase that illustrates the way design of many products are engineered. Extracted from the earth(cradle), synthesized, molded, pushed, poked, forged, sold to the consumer and in the end inevitably ends up in a landfill(grave).

    "Cradle to Cradle" is an amazing approach/model to designing anything. Its a nature based model, it mimics powerfully simple prinicples/solutions that occur in nature. It takes the linear, broken, and harmful 'Cradle to Grave' model and turns it into a cyclical, self-contained/complete, flourishing model.


    When you want to design something you are 'signaling an intention'. What do you want that intention to be? (to be updated)

    Some principles explained:

    1. Waste = Food
      In 'nature' the concept of 'Waste' has no such meaning. Everything (that is organic) can be re-absorbed, broken-down, disintegrated and re-integrated back in to the eco-system. Examples: Carbon-Di-oxide emitted from humans is used by plants and trees as food; A Cherry tree blossoms and fruit will help the tree 'reproduce' and germinate. They also fall to the ground, breakdown and nourish the earth around it replenishing it with minerals; Nitrogen from urine and feces is food for bacteria (Potential to transmute it into very potent fertalizer. See Humanure) Waste = Food.
    1. Use Current Solar Economy
    2. Celebrate Diversity
    3. Don't Be Less-Bad, be Good

    Book: Cradle to Cradle (William McDonough Michael Braungart) ISBN 0865475873 (the book is an actual factual testament to the Cradle2Cradle approach. The 1st chapter is named "This book is not a tree". Its made from synthetic plastics and resin which can be reused (it brags) 'infinitely' to produce more books without any organic material and with no harmful consiquences on the environment.


    website (only description, no samples)


    Talk to Kunda on Efnet #seti23 for more info.

    Btw..this movie can really assist to tweek the outlook of some people that feel very cynical about the future propects of humanity. If you are feeling like there is no way humans can pull out of this nose dive into self-destruction, read this book. It's invigorating. Especially after watching the news or movies like MoVies/TheCorporation or viewing sites like GNN or [www.adbusters.org Adbusters]. For some reason the stuff that really can change our lives doesn't get as much emphasis and is not as prolific as bullshit commercial media campaigns. These guys (the authors) have already demonstrated the practicality and implementation of their Cradle To Cradle protocol with some very large/successful clients; The Ford Motor Company, Nike, Designtex, and many other project. I think it is safe to say that 'This shit is the REAL DEAL'. Check it out. Cheers. -KunDa

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