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    Jargon File/search missing entries

    Complete list of entries in Jargon File 4.47

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    (TM) /dev/null /me 0 1TBS 2 404 404_compliant @-party abbrev ABEND accumulator ACK Acme ad-hockery address_harvester adger admin ADVENT adware AFAIK AFJ AFK AI AI-complete airplane_rule Alderson_loop aliasing_bug Alice_and_Bob All_hardware_sucks,_all_software_sucks. all_your_base_are_belong_to_us alpha_geek alpha_particles alt alt_bit Aluminum_Book ambimouseterous Amiga Amiga_Persecution_Complex amp_off amper and_there_was_much_rejoicing Angband angle_brackets angry_fruit_salad annoybot annoyware ANSI_standard ANSI_standard_pizza anti-idiotarianism AOL! app Archimedes arena arg ARMM armor-plated asbestos asbestos_cork_award asbestos_longjohns ASCII ASCII_art ASCIIbetical_order astroturfing atomic attoparsec Aunt_Tillie AUP autobogotiphobia autoconfiscate automagically avatar awk B1FF B5 back_door backbone_cabal backbone_site backgammon background backreference backronym backward_combatability BAD Bad_and_Wrong Bad_Thing bag_on_the_side bagbiter bagbiting baggy_pantsing balloonian_variable bamf banana_problem bandwidth bang bang_on bang_path banner banner_ad banner_site bar bare_metal barf barfmail barfulation barfulous barn barney baroque BASIC batbelt batch bathtub_curve Batman_factor baud baz bazaar bboard BBS BCPL BDFL beam beanie_key beep Befunge beige_toaster bells_and_whistles bells_whistles_and_gongs benchmark Berkeley_Quality_Software Berzerkeley beta BFI BI bible BiCapitalization biff big_iron Big_Red_Switch Big_Room big_win big-endian bignum bigot bikeshedding binary_four bit bit_bang bit_bashing bit_bucket bit_decay bit_rot bit_twiddling bit-paired_keyboard bitblt bits bitty_box bixie black_art black_hat black_hole black_magic Black_Screen_of_Death blammo blargh blast blat bletch bletcherous blinkenlights blit blitter blivet bloatware BLOB block blog Bloggs_Family blogosphere blogrolling blow_an_EPROM blow_away blow_out blow_past blow_up BLT blue_box Blue_Glue blue_goo Blue_Screen_of_Death blue_wire blurgle BNF boa board boat_anchor bob bodge BOF BOFH bogo-sort bogometer BogoMIPS bogon bogon_filter bogon_flux bogosity bogotify bogue_out bogus Bohr_bug boink bomb bondage-and-discipline_language bonk/oif book_titles boot Borg borken bot bottom_feeder bottom-post bottom-up_implementation bounce bounce_message boustrophedon box boxed_comments boxen boxology bozotic brain_dump brain_fart brain-damaged brain-dead braino brainwidth bread_crumbs break break-even_point breath-of-life_packet breedle Breidbart_Index brick bricktext bring_X_to_its_knees brittle broadcast_storm broken broken_arrow broken-ring_network BrokenWindows broket Brooks's_Law brown-paper-bag_bug browser BRS brute_force brute_force_and_ignorance BSD BSOD BUAF BUAG bubble_sort bucky_bits buffer_chuck buffer_overflow bug bug-compatible bug-for-bug_compatible bug-of-the-month_club bulletproof bullschildt bump burble buried_treasure burn_a_CD burn-in_period burst_page busy-wait buzz buzzword-compliant BWQ by_hand byte byte_sex bytesexual Bzzzt!_Wrong. C C_Programmer's_Disease C&C C++ calculator Camel_Book camelCase camelCasing can't_happen cancelbot [[Cancelmoose[tm]]] candygrammar canonical careware cargo_cult_programming cascade case_and_paste case_mod casters-up_mode casting_the_runes cat catatonic cathedral cd_tilde CDA cdr chad chad_box chain chainik channel channel_hopping channel_op chanop char charityware chase_pointers chawmp check cheerfully chemist Chernobyl_chicken Chernobyl_packet chicken_head chickenboner chiclet_keyboard Chinese_Army_technique choad choke chomp chomper CHOP Christmas_tree Christmas_tree_packet chrome chug Church_of_the_SubGenius CI$ Cinderella_Book Classic_C clean click_of_death CLM clobber clock clocks clone clone-and-hack_coding clover_key clue-by-four clustergeeking co-lo coaster coaster_toaster COBOL COBOL_fingers cobweb_site code code_grinder code_monkey Code_of_the_Geeks code_police codes codewalker coefficient_of_X cokebottle cold_boot COME_FROM comm_mode command_key comment_out Commonwealth_Hackish compact compiler_jock compo compress Compu$erve computer_confetti computron con condition_out condom confuser connector_conspiracy cons considered_harmful console console_jockey content-free control-C control-O control-Q control-S Conway's_Law cookbook cooked_mode cookie cookie_bear cookie_file cookie_jar cookie_monster copious_free_time copper copy_protection copybroke copycenter copyleft copyparty copywronged core core_cancer core_dump core_leak Core_Wars cosmic_rays cough_and_die courier cow_orker cowboy CP/M CPU_Wars crack crack_root cracker cracking crank crapplet CrApTeX crash crash_and_burn crawling_horror CRC_handbook creationism creep creeping_elegance creeping_featurism creeping_featuritis cretin cretinous crippleware critical_mass crlf crock cross-post crossload crudware cruft cruft_together cruftsmanship crufty crumb crunch cryppie cthulhic CTSS cube cup_holder cursor_dipped_in_X cuspy cut_a_tape cybercrud cyberpunk cyberspace cycle cycle_of_reincarnation cycle_server cypherpunk N>K daemon daemon_book dahmum dancing_frog dangling_pointer dark-side_hacker Datamation DAU Dave_the_Resurrector day_mode dd DDT de-rezz dead dead_beef_attack dead_code dead-tree_version DEADBEEF deadlock deadly_embrace death_code Death_Square Death_Star Death,_X_of DEC DEC_Wars decay deckle DED deep_hack_mode deep_magic deep_space defenestration defined_as deflicted dehose Dejagoo deletia deliminator delint delta demented demigod demo demo_mode demoeffect demogroup demon demon_dialer demoparty demoscene dentro depeditate deprecated derf deserves_to_lose despew dickless_workstation dictionary_flame diddle die die_horribly diff dike Dilbert ding dink dinosaur dinosaur_pen dinosaurs_mating dirtball dirty_power disclaimer Discordianism disemvowel disk_farm display_hack dispress Dissociated_Press distribution distro disusered DMZ do_protocol doc documentation dodgy dogcow dogfood dogpile dogwash Don't_do_that_then! dongle dongle-disk Doom,_X_of doorstop DoS_attack dot_file double_bucky doubled_sig down download DP DPer Dr._Fred_Mbogo dragon Dragon_Book drain dread_high-bit_disease dread_questionmark_disease DRECNET driver droid drone drool-proof_paper drop_on_the_floor drop-ins drop-outs drugged drum drunk_mouse_syndrome DSW dub_dub_dub Duff's_device dumb_terminal dumbass_attack dumbed_down dump dumpster_diving dusty_deck DWIM dynner Easter_egg Easter_egging eat_flaming_death EBCDIC ECP ed egg egosurf eighty-column_mind El_Camino_Bignum elder_days elegant elephantine elevator_controller elite ELIZA_effect elvish EMACS email emoticon EMP empire engine English enhancement ENQ EOD EOF EOL EOU epoch epsilon epsilon_squared era Eric_Conspiracy Eris erotics error_33 eurodemo evil evil_and_rude Evil_Empire exa- examining_the_entrails EXCH excl EXE exec exercise,_left_as_an Exon Exploder exploit external_memory eye_candy eyeball_search face_time factor fairings fall_over fall_through fan fandango_on_core FAQ FAQ_list FAQL faradize farkled farm fascist fat_electrons fat_pipe fat-finger faulty fear_and_loathing feature feature_creature feature_creep feature_key feature_shock featurectomy feep feeper feeping_creature feeping_creaturism feetch_feetch fence fencepost_error fiber-seeking_backhoe FidoNet field_circus field_servoid file_signature filk film_at_11 filter Finagle's_Law fine finger finger_trouble finger-pointing_syndrome finn firebottle firefighting firehose_syndrome firewall_code firewall_machine fireworks_mode firmware fish FISH_queue fisking FITNR fix FIXME flag flag_day flaky flamage flame flame_bait flame_on flame_war flamer flap flarp flash_crowd flat flat-ASCII flat-file flatten flavor flavorful flippy flood flowchart flower_key flush flypage Flyspeck_3 flytrap FM fnord FOAF FOD fold_case followup fontology foo foobar fool fool_file Foonly footprint for_free for_the_rest_of_us for_values_of fora foreground fork fork_bomb forked Formosa's_Law Fortrash fortune_cookie forum fossil four-color_glossies frag fragile Frankenputer fred Fred_Foobar frednet free_software freeware freeze fried frink friode fritterware frob frobnicate frobnitz frog frogging front_end frotz frotzed frowney FRS fry fscking FSF -fu FUBAR fuck_me_harder FUD FUD_wars fudge fudge_factor fuel_up Full_Monty fum functino funky funny_money furrfu G gang_bang Gang_of_Four garbage_collect garply gas Gates's_Law gawble GC GCOS GECOS gedanken geef geek geek_code geek_out geekasm gen gender_mender General_Public_Virus generate Genius_From_Mars_Technique gensym Get_a_life! Get_a_real_computer! GandhiCon gib GIFs_at_11 gig giga- GIGO gilley gillion ginger GIPS GIYF glark glass glass_tty glassfet glitch glob glork glue gnarly GNU gnubie GNUMACS go_flatline go_gold go_root go-faster_stripes GoAT goat_file gobble Godwin's_Law Godzillagram golden golf-ball_printer gonk gonkulator gonzo Good_Thing google google_juice gopher gopher_hole gorets gorilla_arm gorp GOSMACS gotcha GPL GPV gray_goo gray_hat Great_Internet_Explosion Great_Renaming Great_Runes Great_Worm great-wall green_bytes green_card green_lightning green_machine Green's_Theorem greenbar grep gribble grilf grind grind_crank gritch grok gronk gronk_out gronked grovel grue grunge gubbish Guido guiltware gumby gunch gunpowder_chicken guru guru_meditation gweep GWF h ha_ha_only_serious hack hack_attack hack_mode hack_on hack_together hack_up hack_value hacked_off hacked_up hacker hacker_ethic hacker_humor Hackers_(the_movie) hacking_run Hacking_X_for_Y Hackintosh hackish hackishness hackitude hair hairball hairy HAKMEM hakspek Halloween_Documents ham hammer hamster HAND hand_cruft hand-hacking hand-roll handle handshaking handwave hang Hanlon's_Razor happily hard_boot hardcoded hardwarily hardwired has_the_X_nature hash_bucket hash_collision hat HCF heads_down heartbeat heatseeker heavy_metal heavy_wizardry heavyweight Hed_Rat heisenbug hell_desk hello_sailor! hello_world hello,_wall! hex hexadecimal hexit HHOK HHOS hidden_flag high_bit high_moby highly hing hired_gun hirsute HLL hoarding hog hole hollised holy_penguin_pee holy_wars home_box home_machine home_page honey_pot hook hop horked hose hosed hot_chat hot_spot hotlink house_wizard HP-SUX HTH huff hung hungry_puppy hungus hyperspace hysterical_reasons I_didn't_change_anything! I_see_no_X_here. I_for_one_welcome_our_new_X_overlords IANAL IBM ICBM_address ice ID10T_error idempotent IDP If_you_want_X,_you_know_where_to_find_it. ifdef_out IIRC ill-behaved IMHO Imminent_Death_Of_The_Net_Predicted! in_the_extreme incantation include include_war indent_style Indent-o-Meter index_of_X infant_mortality infinite infinite_loop Infinite-Monkey_Theorem infinity inflate Infocom initgame insanely_great installfest INTERCAL InterCaps interesting Internet Internet_Death_Penalty Internet_Exploder Internet_Exploiter interrupt interrupts_locked_out intertwingled intro IRC iron Iron_Age iron_box ironmonger ISO_standard_cup_of_tea ISP Itanic ITS IWBNI IYFEG J._Random J._Random_Hacker jack_in jaggies Java JCL JEDR Jeff_K. jello Jeopardy-style_quoting jibble jiffy job_security jock joe_code joe-job juggling_eggs juice jump_off_into_never-never_land jupiter K K&R k- kahuna kamikaze_packet kangaroo_code ken kernel-of-the-week_club kgbvax KIBO kiboze kibozo kick kill_file killer_app killer_micro killer_poke kilo- kilogoogle KIPS KISS_Principle kit KLB klone kludge kluge kluge_around kluge_up Knights_of_the_Lambda_Calculus knobs knurd Knuth koan kook Kool-Aid kremvax kyrka lag lamer LAN_party language_lawyer languages_of_choice LART larval_stage lase laser_chicken leaf_site leak leaky_heap leapfrog_attack leech leech_mode legal legalese lenna LER LERP let_the_smoke_out letterbomb lexer life Life_is_hard light_pipe lightweight like_kicking_dead_whales_down_the_beach like_nailing_jelly_to_a_tree line_666 line_eater,_the line_noise linearithmic link_farm link_rot link-dead lint Lintel Linus Linux lion_food Lions_Book LISP list-bomb lithium_lick little-endian live live_data Live_Free_Or_Die! livelock liveware lobotomy locals,_the locked_and_loaded locked_up logic_bomb logical loop_through loose_bytes lord_high_fixer lose lose_lose loser losing loss lossage lossy lost_in_the_noise lost_in_the_underflow lots_of_MIPS_but_no_I/O low-bandwidth Lubarsky's_Law_of_Cybernetic_Entomology Lumber_Cartel lunatic_fringe lurker luser M M$ macdink machoflops Macintoy Macintrash macro macro- macrology maggotbox magic magic_cookie magic_number magic_smoke mail_storm mailbomb mailing_list main_loop mainframe mainsleaze malware man_page management mandelbug manged mangle mangled_name mangler manularity marching_ants marbles marginal marginally marketroid Mars martian massage math-out Matrix mav maximum_Maytag_mode McQuary_limit meatspace meatware meeces meg mega- megapenny MEGO meltdown,_network meme meme_plague memetics memory_farts memory_leak memory_smash menuitis mess-dos meta meta_bit metasyntactic_variable MFTL mickey mickey_mouse_program micro- MicroDroid microfortnight microLenat microReid microserf Microsloth_Windows Microsoft micros~1 middle-endian middle-out_implementation milliLampson minor_detail MIPS misbug misfeature missile_address MiSTing miswart MMF mobo moby mockingbird mod mode mode_bit modulo mojibake molly-guard Mongolian_Hordes_technique monkey_up monkey,_scratch monstrosity monty Moof Moore's_Law moria MOTAS MOTOS MOTSS mouse_ahead mouse_belt mouse_droppings mouse_elbow mouse_pusher mouso MS-DOS mu MUD muddie mudhead muggle Multics multitask mumblage mumble munch munching munching_squares munchkin mundane mung munge Murphy's_Law music mutter N nadger nagware nailed_to_the_wall nailing_jelly naive naive_user NAK NANA nano nano- nanoacre nanobot nanocomputer nanofortnight nanotechnology narg nasal_demons nastygram Nathan_Hale nature neat_hack neats_vs._scruffies neep-neep neophilia nerd nerd_knob net.- net.god net.personality net.police netburp netdead nethack netiquette netlag netnews Netscrape netsplit netter network_address network_meltdown New_Jersey New_Testament newbie newgroup_wars newline NeWS newsfroup newsgroup nick nickle night_mode Nightmare_File_System NIL Ninety-Ninety_Rule nipple_mouse NMI no-op noddy non-optimal_solution nonlinear nontrivial not_entirely_unlike_X not_ready_for_prime_time notwork NP- NSA_line_eater NSP nude nugry nuke number-crunching numbers NUXI_problem nybble nyetwork Ob- Obfuscated_C_Contest obi-wan_error Objectionable-C obscure octal_forty off_the_trolley off-by-one_error offline ogg -oid old_fart Old_Testament on_the_gripping_hand one-banana_problem one-line_fix one-liner_wars ooblick OP op open open_source open_switch operating_system operator_headspace optical_diff optical_grep optimism Oracle,_the Orange_Book oriental_food orphan orphaned_i-node orthogonal OS OS/2 OSS OT OTOH out-of-band overclock overflow_bit overrun overrun_screw owned P.O.D. packet_over_air padded_cell page_in page_out pain_in_the_net paper-net param PARC parent_message parity_errors Parkinson's_Law_of_Data parm parse Pascal PascalCasing pastie patch patch_pumpkin patch_space path pathological payware PBD PD PDP-10 PDP-11 PDP-20 PEBKAC peek pencil_and_paper Pentagram_Pro Pentium peon percent-S perf perfect_programmer_syndrome Perl person_of_no_account pessimal pessimizing_compiler peta- pffft PFY phage phase phase_of_the_moon phase-wrapping PHB phreaker phreaking pico- pig-tail pilot_error ping Ping_O'_Death ping_storm pink_contract pink_wire pipe pistol pixel_sort pizza_box plaid_screen plain-ASCII Plan_9 plan_file platinum-iridium playpen playte plokta plonk plug-and-pray plugh plumbing PM point_release point-and-drool_interface pointy_hat pointy-haired poke poll polygon_pusher POM ponytail pop poser post postcardware Postel's_Prescription posting postmaster PostScript pound_on power_cycle power_hit pr0n precedence_lossage pred prepend prestidigitization pretty_pictures prettyprint pretzel_key priesthood prime_time print printing_discussion priority_interrupt profile progasm proggy proglet program Programmer's_Cheer programming programming_fluid propeller_head propeller_key proprietary protocol provocative_maintenance prowler pseudo pseudoprime pseudosuit psychedelicware psyton pubic_directory puff pumpkin_holder pumpking punched_card punt Purple_Book purple_wire push Python quad quadruple_bucky quantifiers quantum_bogodynamics quarter ques quick-and-dirty quine Quirk_objection quote_chapter_and_verse quotient quux qux QWERTY rabbit_job rain_dance rainbow_series random Random_Number_God random_numbers randomness rape rare_mode raster_blaster raster_burn rasterbation rat_belt rat_dance rathole ratio_site rave rave_on! ravs raw_mode RBL rc_file RE read-only_user README_file real real_estate real_hack real_operating_system Real_Programmer Real_Soon_Now real_time real_user Real_World reality_check reality-distortion_field reaper recompile_the_world rectangle_slinger recursion recursive_acronym red_wire regexp register_dancing rehi reincarnation,_cycle_of reinvent_the_wheel relay_rape religion_of_CHI religious_issues replicator reply restriction retcon RETI retrocomputing return_from_the_dead RFC RFE Right_Thing rip ripoff RL roach robocanceller robot robust rococo rogue room-temperature_IQ root root_mode rootkit rot13 rotary_debugger RSN RTBM RTFAQ RTFB RTFM RTFS RTI RTM RTS rubber-hose_cryptanalysis rude runes runic rusty_iron rusty_wire S/N_ratio sacred saga sagan SAIL salescritter salt salt_mines salt_substrate same-day_service samizdat samurai sandbender sandbox sanity_check Saturday-night_special say scag scanno scary_devil_monastery schroedinbug science-fiction_fandom SCNR scram_switch scratch scratch_monkey scream_and_die screaming_tty screen screen_name screen_scraping screw screwage scribble script_kiddies scrog scrool scrozzle scruffies SCSI SCSI_voodoo search-and-destroy_mode second-system_effect secondary_damage security_through_obscurity SED See_figure_1 segfault seggie segment segmentation_fault segv self-reference selvage semi semi-automated semi-infinite senior_bit September_that_never_ended server SEX sex_changer shambolic_link shar_file sharchive Share_and_enjoy! shareware sharing_violation shebang shelfware shell shell_out shift_left_(or_right)_logical shim shitogram shotgun_debugging shovelware showstopper shriek Shub-Internet SIG sig_block sig_quote sig_virus sigmonster signal-to-noise_ratio silicon silly_walk silo since_time_T_equals_minus_infinity sitename skrog skulker slab slack slash slashdot_effect sleep slim slop slopsucker Slowlaris slurp slurp_the_robot smart smart_terminal smash_case smash_the_stack smiley smoke smoke_and_mirrors smoke_test smoking_clover smoot SMOP smurf SNAFU_principle snail snail-mail snap snarf snarf_&_barf snarf_down snark sneaker sneakernet sniff snippage SO social_engineering social_science_number sock_puppet sodium_substrate soft_boot softcopy software_bloat software_hoarding software_laser software_rot softwarily softy some_random_X sorcerer's_apprentice_mode source source_of_all_good_bits space-cadet_keyboard spaceship_operator SPACEWAR spaghetti_code spaghetti_inheritance spam spam_bait spamblock spamhaus spamvertize spangle spawn special-case speed_of_light speedometer spell spelling_flame spider spider_food spiffy spike spin Spinning_Pizza_of_Death spl splash_screen splat splat_out splork! spod spoiler spoiler_space sponge spoof spool spool_file sporgery sport_death spungle spyware squirrelcide stack stack_puke stale_pointer_bug Stanford_Bunny star_out state stealth_manager steam-powered steved STFW stir-fried_random stomp_on Stone_Age stone_knives_and_bearskins stoppage store STR strided stroke strudel stubroutine studly studlycaps stunning stupid-sort Stupids Sturgeon's_Law sucking_mud sufficiently_small suit suitable_win suitably_small Sun sun_lounge sun-stools sunspots super_source_quench superloser superprogrammer superuser support surf Suzie_COBOL swab swap swap_space swapped_in swapped_out Swiss-Army_chainsaw swizzle sync syntactic_salt syntactic_sugar sys-frog sysadmin sysape sysop system system_mangler systems_jock T tail_recursion talk_mode talker_system TAN tanked TANSTAAFL tape_monkey tar_and_feather tarball tardegy taste tayste TCB TCP/IP TECO tee teergrube teledildonics ten-finger_interface tense tentacle tenured_graduate_student tera- teraflop_club terminak terminal_brain_death terminal_illness terminal_junkie test TeX text thanks_in_advance That's_not_a_bug,_that's_a_feature! the_literature the_network the_X_that_can_be_Y_is_not_the_true_X theology theory thinko This_can't_happen This_time,_for_sure! thrash thread three-finger_salute throwaway_account thud thumb thundering_herd_problem thunk tick tick-list_features tickle_a_bug tiger_team time_bomb time_sink time_T times-or-divided-by timesharing TINC Tinkerbell_program TINLC tip_of_the_ice-cube tired_iron tits_on_a_keyboard TLA TMRC TMRCie TMTOWTDI to_a_first_approximation to_a_zeroth_approximation toad toast toaster toeprint TOFU toggle tool toolchain toolsmith toor top-post topic_drift topic_group TOPS-10 TOPS-20 TOS tourist tourist_information touristic toy toy_language toy_problem toy_program trampoline trap trap_door trash trawl tree-killer treeware trit trivial troff troglodyte troglodyte_mode Trojan_horse troll Troll-O-Meter tron troughie true-hacker tty tube tube_time tumbler tunafish tune turbo_nerd Turing_tar-pit turist Tux tweak TWENEX twiddle twilight_zone twink twirling_baton two_pi two-to-the-N tyop u- UBD UBE ubergeek UCE UDP UN*X undefined_external_reference under_the_hood undocumented_feature uninteresting Unix Unix_brain_damage Unix_conspiracy Unix_weenie unixism unswizzle unwind_the_stack unwind-protect up upload upstream upthread uptime urchin URL Usenet Usenet_Death_Penalty user user-friendly user-obsequious userland Utah_teapot,_the UTSL UUOC V7 vadding vanilla vanity_domain vannevar vaporware var vaston VAX VAXen vaxocentrism vdiff veeblefester velveeta Venus_flytrap verbage verbiage Version_7 vgrep vi video_toaster videotex virgin virtual virtual_beer virtual_Friday virtual_reality virtual_shredder virus visionary Visual_Fred VMS voice voice-net voodoo_programming VR Vulcan_nerve_pinch vulture_capitalist w00t wabbit WAITS waldo walk walk_off_the_end_of walking_drives wall wall_follower wall_time wall_wart wallhack wango wank wannabee war_dialer war-driving war-chalking -ware warez warez_d00dz warez_kiddies warlording warm_boot wart washing_machine washing_software water_MIPS wave_a_dead_chicken weasel web_pointer web_ring web_toaster webify webmaster wedged wedgie wedgitude weeble weeds weenie Weenix well-behaved well-connected wetware whack whack-a-mole whacker whales What's_a_spline? wheel wheel_bit wheel_of_reincarnation wheel_wars white_hat whitelist whizzy Whorfian_mind-lock wibble WIBNI widget wiggles wild_side WIMP_environment win win_big win_win Winchester windoid window_shopping Windowsitis Windoze winged_comments winkey winnage winner winnitude Wintel Wintendo wired wirehead wirewater wish_list within_delta_of within_epsilon_of wizard Wizard_Book wizard_hat wizard_mode wizardly wok-on-the-wall womb_box WOMBAT womble wonky workaround working_as_designed worm wormhole wound_around_the_axle wrap_around write-only_code write-only_language write-only_memory Wrong_Thing wugga_wugga wumpus WYSIAYG WYSIWYG X XEROX_PARC XOFF XON xor xref XXX xyzzy YA- YABA YAFIYGI yak_shaving YAUN yellow_card yellow_wire Yet_Another YHBT YKYBHTLW YMMV You_are_not_expected_to_understand_this You_know_you've_been_hacking_too_long_when Your_mileage_may_vary Yow! yoyo_mode Yu-Shiang_Whole_Fish zap zapped Zawinski's_Law zbeba zen zero zero-content Zero-One-Infinity_Rule zeroth zigamorph zip zipperhead zombie zorch Zork zorkmid

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