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wow whast this companny about?


whos the BavarianIlluminati

Microsoft Stocks ,in the last 5 years:


microsoft penis

  • Microsoft Ejects Chinese Blogger from MSN Spaces (For at least six months the Chinese implementation of MSN Spaces has censored phrases such as human rights from its blog titles. Plenty of American pundits didn't like that one. Now, a more specific fire has erupted around Microsoft's blocking of a member's entire site on Spaces; the censored individual is Zhao Jing, a Chinese freelancer for The New York Times who wrote in his Spaces blog about a December newspaper strike.)


<googlemap width="400" height="400" lat="47.640049" lon="-122.128487" zoom="1" controls="small" type="hybrid"> 47.640049,-122.128487,Microsoft Corp,1 Microsoft Way, Redmond, WA,(425) 882-8080 </googlemap>

<jargon />

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