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    converter for different needs:

    searching for the fastest and most memory saving open code to do that, suggestions? ANY TO ANY CONVERTER


    * iso8859-15_to_utf8
    * utf8_to_ISO8859
    * html2pdf
    * pdf2html
    * html2ascii filename pdf2text  !!!
    * ps2ascii
    * pstotext
    * pdftops
    * ascii -> postscript a2ps
    * ascii -> pdf
    * .doc to postscripts


    * wav -> mp3 lame
    * wav -> ogg 'oggenc (part of vorbis-tools debian package)
    * wma -> mp3 wma2mp3 script unsing mplayer and lame
    * wma -> ogg (same as wma2mp3, just pipe the command to the oggencoder)
    * mp3 change bitrate
    * mod to wav convert_.mod_files_to_.wav


    * jpg -> png (imagemagick, convert rose.jpg rose.png)
    * gif -> png (imagemagick ,http://www.imagemagick.org/script/command-line-tools.php)
    * png -> jpg ( " )
    * resize (imagemagick)
    * colors  (imagemagick)

    -> Generally, for images Imagemagick can do (almost) anything.


    * sql -> mdb
    * mdb -> sql
    * ex -> sql


    create vcd cdimages in 2 steps[edit]

    1. you convert the videofile you have on your harddisk (may be anykind), to a mpeg file, that matches to the vcd specification using ffmpeg:
      fmpeg -i <videofile>  -target pal-vcd  TEMP_OUTFILE.mpeg

    better results in encoding, i had if i used mencoder (with the following options):

    mkdir -p "$HOME/VCD"
    for f in *.avi ; do
    mencoder -of mpeg \
    -mpegopts format=mpeg1 \
        -vf expand=:::::4/3 \
        -vf-add scale=352:288 \
        -af resample=44100 \
        -ovc lavc \
        -lavcopts vcodec=mpeg1video:vbitrate=1050:vhq:keyint=15:aspect=4/3 \
        -oac lavc \
        -lavcopts acodec=mp2:abitrate=64 \
        -srate 44100 \
        "$f" \
        -o "$HOME/VCD/$(basename "$f" .avi)".1050.64.vcd.mpg

    1. in the next step you should be able to create a video-cd-image using vcdimager:
    vcdimager -t vcd2 $TEMP_OUTFILE.mpeg
    * avi -> mpg
    * avi -> svcd
    * avi -> dvd 
    * dvd -> wob -> avi
    * mplayer --v caca
    * transcode
    * mencoder 
    * wmv Windows Media Player-> xvid avi = mencoder
       (mencoder -ovc wanted_videocodec -oac wanted_audiocodec wmvfile.wmv -o avifile.avi)
    * wma Windows Media Player-> ogg = (look in audio)
    * [example wmv->avi]

    help, this doesnt work: shrink avi

    transcode -i "test.avi"   -y mov -w 1152 -V -o "out.avi"   
    * mencoder : shrink avi 
    mencoder -ovc xvid -oac mp3lame -xvidencopts bitrate=1000 -lameopts
                   abr:br=128 -o out.avi test.avi

    Microsoft > Free[edit]


    * doc (Word)-> ASCII,Postscript = antiword, catdoc
    * xls (Excel)-> ASCII,MySQL = xls2csv, catdoc, [Intelligent Converters] (non-free)
    * mdb (Access)-> ASCII,MySQL = [navicat] (non-free)
    * ppt (Powerpoint) -> ASCII = catppt, catdoc


    * mails with attachment to plaint text [textmail.pl]

    related : split audio or video files


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