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    Htmplpdf, documentation can be found here http://www.easysw.com/htmldoc

    to convert html files to pdf files under Debian: [1]

    sudo apt-get install htmldoc

    HTMLDOC Version 1.8.23 Copyright 1997-2002 Easy Software Products, All Rights Reserved.
    This software is governed by the GNU General Public License, Version 2, and
    is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group.
      htmldoc [options] filename1.html [ ... filenameN.html ]
      htmldoc filename.book
      --batch filename.book
      --bodycolor color
      --bodyfont {courier,times,helvetica}
      --bodyimage filename.{gif,jpg,png}
      --bottom margin{in,cm,mm}
      --browserwidth pixels
      --charset {cp-874...1258,iso-8859-1...8859-15,koi8-r}
      --datadir directory
      --effectduration {0.1..10.0}
      --firstpage {p1,toc,c1}
      --fontsize {6.0..24.0}
      --fontspacing {1.0..3.0}
      --footer fff
      {--format, -t} {ps1,ps2,ps3,pdf11,pdf12,pdf13,pdf14,html}
      --header fff
      --headfootfont {courier{-bold,-oblique,-boldoblique},
      --headfootsize {6.0..24.0}
      --headingfont {courier,times,helvetica}
      --helpdir directory
      --left margin{in,cm,mm}
      --linkcolor color
      --linkstyle {plain,underline}
      --logoimage filename.{gif,jpg,png}
      --owner-password password
      --nup {1,2,4,6,9,16}
      {--outdir, -d} dirname
      {--outfile, -f} filename.{ps,pdf,html}
      --pageduration {1.0..60.0}
      --pageeffect {none,bi,bo,d,gd,gdr,gr,hb,hsi,hso,vb,vsi,vso,wd,wl,wr,wu}
      --pagelayout {single,one,twoleft,tworight}
      --pagemode {document,outline,fullscreen}
      --path "dir1;dir2;dir3;...;dirN"
      --permissions {all,annotate,copy,modify,print,no-annotate,no-copy,no-modify,no-print,none}
      --proxy http://host:port
      --right margin{in,cm,mm}
      --size {letter,a4,WxH{in,cm,mm},etc}
      --textcolor color
      --textfont {courier,times,helvetica}
      --titlefile filename.{htm,html,shtml}
      --titleimage filename.{gif,jpg,png}
      --tocfooter fff
      --tocheader fff
      --toclevels levels
      --toctitle string
      --top margin{in,cm,mm}
      --user-password password
      {--verbose, -v}
      fff = heading format string; each 'f' can be one of:
            . = blank
            / = n/N arabic page numbers (1/3, 2/3, 3/3)
            : = c/C arabic chapter page numbers (1/2, 2/2, 1/4, 2/4, ...)
            1 = arabic numbers (1, 2, 3, ...)
            a = lowercase letters
            A = uppercase letters
            c = current chapter heading
            C = current chapter page number (arabic)
            d = current date
            D = current date and time
            h = current heading
            i = lowercase roman numerals
            I = uppercase roman numerals
            l = logo image
            t = title text
            T = current time

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