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  html2text [ -unparse | -check ] [ -debug-scanner ] [ -debug-parser ] \
     [ -rcfile <file> ] [ -style ( compact | pretty ) ] [ -width <w> ] \
     [ -o <file> ] [ -nobs ] [ -ascii ] [ <input-url> ] ...
Formats HTML document(s) read from <input-url> or STDIN and generates ASCII
  -help          Print this text and exit
  -version       Print program version and copyright notice
  -unparse       Generate HTML instead of ASCII output
  -check         Do syntax checking only
  -debug-scanner Report parsed tokens on STDERR (debugging)
  -debug-parser  Report parser activity on STDERR (debugging)
  -rcfile <file> Read <file> instead of "$HOME/.html2textrc"
  -style compact Create a "compact" output format (default)
  -style pretty  Insert some vertical space for nicer output
  -width <w>     Optimize for screen widths other than 79
  -o <file>      Redirect output into <file>
  -nobs          Do not use backspaces for boldface and underlining
  -ascii         Use plain ASCII for output instead of ISO-8859-1