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WMIC is the 'Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line', of the Microsoft Windows XP Operating System.

To start wmic , go to StartMenu in Windows XP , and Run... "wmic".. you will see a new console that looks like this:


here you can try "alias" to get a list of all possible aliases. There are many commands (aka "aliases") in this command line you will find interesting.

for example process will show you all processes with FULL path names, or "useraccount" will give you a list of all user accounts (including the normally hidden ones).

After all you can do everything on the command line that you would otherwise have to click deep in the system settings ,plus quite a few options that are normally hidden from the average windows gui user..

WMIC provides aliases for the most commonly used classes of management information. You can add aliases for other classes. Thus, aliases in WMIC may be of the following types:

   * Default aliases in the rootcli namespace.
         o For a list of aliases included with WMIC, type /? at the WMIC command prompt.
         o For more information about a specific alias, type: alias_name /?
         o For more information about alias schema, type: Alias alias_name list brief

try the aliases: "process" -> HowTo/ListProcessesInWindows & "useraccount"

siehe auch / also see: WmicAliase (auf deutsch/in german)

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