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    Ting3 will be on tuesday Feb. 15th 2005, 20.00 GMT

    See the ting2_document for has a picture on how to place the two moon-edit windows.

    The contents that will be created here on this moon-edit page during the ting session will be copied over to the ting-wiki for further processing and for providing browser-access to it a few hours after the session. So: "If you don't want everybody to read it just don't write it ;)"

    [en]There are two pages to log in: ting2_document and ting2_chat. Have them both available starting two moon-edit sessions. Drag the windows so you can see both pages.

    [fr]Il existe deux pages pour se connecter : ting2_document et ting2_chat. Présentez-vous sur les deux avant de démarrer la session moon-edit. Ajustez les fenêtres de façon à voir les deux pages.

    [it]Il Ci sono due pagine per il collegamento: ting2_document e ting2_chat. Per aprirle entrambe si devono iniziare due sessioni di moon-edit. Basta poi disporre le finestre.

    Participants ([en]sign up / [fr]inscrivez-vous):

    Here's pingswept, everyone. Can you see this, Xirzon?

    Just a thing, i'll delete this, how was it called the channel of those kind people who were talking the last time.. on ME, standard server, when you did some comment like "that's better than dada" hmm..

    uhh, no remember, but ting_(chat) and (document) are the pages done last time. Copy over relevant things here si we can continue on them (not that I was lazy eversince, but there was a bit of promo to do and the ting wiki had to be tuned)

    How does it work, why *two* documents?

    I think people liked it, you can just chat and give a heck about it in the chat window, and good stuff gets copied over.

    It makes sense.

    It worked ok for the first time.

    Is this file going to be blanked when we both exit?

    no only the chat page is cleared when all exit. Do not use it therefore

    I'm still thinking about how to call this chat/document/file.. yes, we *are* using the (chat) one now, in fact.

    no, we use ting2_(chat), only chat ...

    Ah, I see. This is like any other document, okay :)


    I hope to see again those nice people from that unknown IRC channel, we made fun things last time :-)

    the #esp guys (gals)

    1. esp! It is, great. What does gals mean? (girls)

    I'm just giving 'em another "ting-spam" on their irc channel ;)

    Good, I'll come :-) What about "ting", is it an acronym?

    No it were the gatherings and councils of the old vikings and germanians.


    Pretty early and "pretty" democratic things.

    Democracy, something to think of..

    By the way, did you make any progress about wiki<->ME connection/file-sharing/permanent-savings ?

    Not yet.

    I have copied some stuff to ting2_(document)

    I was there, then exited. I'll be there for the time ting really starts. Today I have some problem with english, and the process of writing in ME (users sees typos & co.) let them grow ;)

    np. Yes they see the speed and all the freudian stuff and the history keeps it without mercy. I love it.

    Ah ah, exactly, I'm usually a fast writer, today I'm calm, err.. slow to think.. carefully writing, that's it.

    It is far different to just a wikipage getting edited by different people in a short time, it's the (missing) link thing between text solitude and telephone. It has a different paralanguage. And the machine-gun (I call the typing sound like that) does it part to it.

    It's very much enjoyable, you just need to not care that much, and interact with the other 'fauna' :-) No machine-gun here, again, I really hate this behavior, I want the sound :D

    fauna :)

    Yep, is it english? I know it's correct in italian.. let ME's 'fauna' (again) take care of corrections ;-)

    Think it's english too (latin anyhow, I guess, or greek?)

    I bet 1€ on latin.

    € works for me, I

    Ah okay, let me try change the font, what do you use?

    The win version, standart font. € might become important when we start a betting office here ;)

    Can you tell me the name? It's checked in the "View" menu. Eh eh. I'll help, and get the right amount for it, obviously. Sometime corrections are ...

    Give me the font name :D !!

    Lucida 8 x 14, non c'entra il font.

    Good, #esp trick about notes will not work. o/~ <- This one.

    Si centra, sigh, con courier e system non si vede!

    Interesting, some font issues are unsolved, but Tom will work on 'em.

    I think there could be:

    • topic-tings, like a ting on wiki-spam for example, whatever is hot.
    • tings of the people working on a common hive, like oddwiki or wikicities.
    • Translation tings. Grab a wikipedia article and make it real multilingual in a fast common effort.
    • Multiple buffers in the same ME, a-la-emacs (??) ? Splitting the screen horizontally and get two views would be enought.
    • tings of different ME-servers

    never tried horizontally.

    Or vertically, or both, or diagonal? eh eh.

    Horizontally is far better. Why don't I think about that?

    I really miss it, disconnecting & reconnecting is boring and unefficient (I think).

    open more ME sessions. I have had four or five running, np.

    It uses a "lot" of screen space :-\

    An important thing is the file-list. It's getting difficult to find something when there are more pages on it.

    Maybe I'm just addicted to Emacs, but the switchable / splittable buffers would be a good thing. It would be possible too to switch to the file list and switch back to the "discussion" buffer, and so on.

    That would be very cool. Try to get to talk to someone with more computer-technical understanding then me this evening. ;)

    I'll try, point me to someone, maybe. :) Oh, idea, tabs (like in FireFox).

    jupp, good. Maybe Tom will be around.

    Multiple files opened concurrently (simultaneously?) means more bandwidth usage above other things, we'll see.

    When do we meet for ting3? Not to be forgotten, Within the next week, I think. Tuesday 20:00 GMT I propose.

    Yep, tuesday it's ok for me, I don't know how many other people came the last time, we should talk with them too about it. I'm in GMT+1 I think, does it mean that your 20:00 it's mine 21 or 19?

    We are talking to them already as they will read this. Ours is 21 CET

    Hoping they will read this, I usually don't read everything on ME's buffers, eheh ;) Ah, okay.

    I would like Asian and Australian and African people to join.

    It's big fun when all collaborate at the same time (and kill 's' here and there :P)

    It is. Should be permanent. At whatever time there should be tings.

    You really like the idea, it would take *much* space! I think.

    It would. But it would be much fun too. Permanent global online woodstock? eh!

    Woodstock! I saw a film about it on newyears-eve, hmm, it was big fun.. (that night AND woodstock, obviously ;)) )

    Well they made a lot of mud and we do here as well, it's just the spirit, I assume (I was 8 years old and haven't been there). But I know the movie.

    Do you know the title too? I think I'd like to get it. (And what's "mud" ?)

    fango. ahahah. I don't remember the title, Jimmy Hendrix live at woodstock is another, cooool.

    I'll ask on USENET, they know everything! :-) (I found two titles of films of which I recalled just some frames..)

    I remember I saw Hendrix in that movie.. okay, I need a tea. (NEED!)

    Know, it's strange. I feel like it's almost better to chat here, it's better to make mud, as a preparation for the ting than condensing contents from ting1 and moving it in here. It's like a cellar-room for a band to practize and jam in. If you empty out the ashtrays the jam is spoiled on forehand. ;)

    I had to get the vocabulary to understand your last sentence. Ih ih ih.

    hi James, Luigi.

    hi everybody i'm checking text in two windows -- luigi

    there I am again. the colors should be assigned automatically, this is a bit silly - Xir

    true, when there are many people on the page already it's a drag to find a free colour and enter.

    angela says MoonEdit crashed her computer completely ... on windows, that is. is the win version any good?

    the win version has sound and a "new window" point in the menue. I prefer it, I have to :(

    sofar heh heh I can type inside your text heh heh i'm happy with what i have on Windows birichino! that's an italian word for you rascal but milder

    this has full wiki features on the page level, use shift and arrow keys for marking text

    just the colors get lost when cc&p.

    I'll try to get some of the Wikinewsies to participate in a collaborative story writing experiment...

    that could be done in two ways: 1) the story and 2) its translations

    1) a "story" page (like document here) 2). a scratchpad,chat-thingy. Writing something and seeing a paragraph earlier already translated would be a kick - even I might get back into writing like that ;)


    I think using IRC in combination with monoedit is probably going to be more efficient than using moonedit to chat

    (maybe right - if you could copy from irc, I can't)

    I propose this rule: bind shift+enter print [\Y-\M-\D \h:\m:\s] <\X> ^^^ ctrl+enter here.. and ctrl+end and shift+enter combination to add chat line

    hi Tom. Talked to Zbigniev, right? (Tom develops moon-edit) Hi, who is Zbigniev ?

    my window is not scrolling down when a line is entered at the bottom ...

    oh linux version? hmm

    windows xp

    [2005-02-12 19:24:08] this is hand-made IRC mode [2005-02-12 19:23:56] some wikinewsies might come in here in a moment, I hope the server can handle it - Xir 2005-02-12 19:25:42  :) it can said T [2005-02-12 19:25:00] you can try this kind of chat maybe (oh but do ctrl+enter on the commend first above first) k, bit o' work though :)

    mattis -) hi pingswept Pingswept has arrived. Pink is mattis, right? Hi pingswept!-Xir Hi -Tom

    When later copying over to a wiki page or only to an other page on this server the colors get lost. therefore (name -), This appears to be working reasonably well. I can see this working very well on a wiki. Hey, we're all vandals.

    My window doesn't scroll down for new content. But I guess it would be annoying if it did. ctrl+down/up mine does

    you can find the cursors of the others by clicking the user in the bar to the right btw. Good when new people start on the top. The more distant the cursor is from yours on the page the lower the volume gets. cool too.

    hi ,this is my first ting i am mutante / daniel no .de actually from hebrew. in the bible it says that once the babylonians had to change their names to hebrew names. and Beltsazar (Balthasar) became Daniel in polish their is Danilo mattis, i dont know yet what to do in the document part

    hi, Tom here. Any chance from Poland ? ok So Daniel is both polish/german name. Yup. Although it could be danyel or something :P hi Tim, mattis, people...

    Hello mutante. Where is this server? Cologne area I think. Pardon my ignorance-- Europe, right? Rhineland, somehow, yes. it is being hosted by some company in .de and administrated by talisman from northern germany So it's fast. Gotta ask talisman on IRC (Efnet) or (Quakenet) for details..hold on And how fast is its connection? This appears very fast for me. Does it seem fast to the rest of you? the server seems fast enough, but ME itself seems a bit slow on my 800Mhz Linux machine-Xir

    we can do ping test: each person is typing consecutive number to previous one...

    ok actually there is no need to type consecutive numbers.. we can type all the same numbers.. 12345678910 WHat is this demonstrating? uhyjnuhyjn7juykjumijuikik8ujuj8ikwriuheaoigheoaghldfgh

    oh.. but hey.. one person should type first and others just type as soon as they can read the number.. that makes sense.pick a line everyone. ok.. so i'll be typing first

    here: 1234 ok it doesn't make much sense actually, because the thin red line below menu is showing individual ping/delay

    here: buenas noches de la paz (hahaha it's funny because I don't know the meaning of this sentence) (good peaceful nights?) here: mattis, ting2_(document) isnt in spanish, do yoiu mind if I type it up the spanish lines? Dooooo it. It's a wiki, ähm moon-edit. yea, I know, but you know about the ferrari experiment. It looks so tidy that I feeled guilty for typing something :-O See, "loos too tidy" - that's the main problem. yeah

    here: here: here:loony bin - gabbia di matti - Narrenkäfig - ils son fous ces moon editors here:

    hi mutante, made your shoppings, great. I don't get the ping test. 12345 9 I love it when people start to play.

    ok, this is enough playing for me. I'll set up a server to do some Wikinews stuff. Join #wikinews on irc.freenode.net if you want to see what we can come up with.-Xir

    how many times sid you see this now Tom? 100 times? a playing ? cool -Xir A moon-edit server? yep

    Roger that Xir. Pingswept, done living up to his stupid name.............................................................................................zing! bye all-Xir ciao tutti - luigi ciao lu

    40 minutes, was ok I guess, not like the first one, but a first time is always special. Ting 3 on Tuesday 20:00 GMT, ok? hummm. oohhh better tom :)

    I'll go for a sprizz, cu on tuesday.

    hmm looks like only true fans/developers haven't left.. no native english speakers here..

    hey, cool Idea, mod a Eliza-type code to type up in here wow, that cool be a lot of fun.

    hummmm "she" should talk with many people at once..

    Last night I saw "Electra" and I think it is soooo bad. Hello. I'm hot blondie with big breasts. I'm looking for guys. Hmm why nobody is talking with me? Look at my breasts, damn :/ Hi mattis. Are you real man? I need a guy that can handle my hot body :) Oh well, I also like watching movies (that's how Eliza-clones are always talking) What movie have you seen recently ? I don't know what "Electra" is. Tell me more about it, please. Electra is a comic chraracter from Marvel she is suposed to be a death-killer. It is an action movie. I see. What ice-creams do you prefer? chocolate-cookies! of course. xDD you are really on Eliza-like mode Yes. My name is Eliza. I love my creator. She is my man.

    (just testing for a friend here..) they should!

    idea: each person could have slightly different typing sound or maybe select from some cool sound themes like: heavy-mechanical keyboard, plastic keyboard, classic type-writter, clock-sound, etc...

    funny, I recently "got" a new keyboard, and old mechanic fijitsu I mean. it sounds coooool :-)

    Bit short, true. A moon-edit ting quickie ;)

    Anyway - any interesting conclusions from previous tings? conclusion #1 -> James is always late oh men. X( WOW=MOM why "wow" ? doint know, just to make someone type something.

    hi Eliza,

    who know words that are read the same vertically and horizontally flipped?

    Step 2: make this whole thing a word itself,ascii art and write moonedit in large letters made out of words;)) or just play scrabble

    hmm you can do bonuses :)

          2   2
        3  2 2
           2 2  3 <-- scrabble bonuses (I don't know how they are placed usually)
          2   2

    (BTW you can disable word-wrap of course <- too bad you can't do it for specific areas only)

    __public (fire)_________________hidden (my ships)_______________________
    |ABCDEFGHIJ                     ABCDEFGHIJ
    |1     ---                      1     XXX   destroyer sunk
    |2     OO                       2  X
    |3                              3 

    ok my turn: ok I'm too good.. <- yup that could be a mod too since MoonEdit is not free, maybe the time comes when a sourceforge project appears that recodes this stuff open source.. oh,you are already starting yourself?

    oh,you are the author? ;) hehe let us edit the source in moonedit itself together ,that would so totally fit the program, to be coded (only the extensions) inside itself No, im just giving the idea..all i can do is scripting ,php,tcl,perl..bla

    Could you implement the function to save to plaintext on the server side? But that allowes me to save on the client side harddisk only. and i would like to save on the server in /var/www/ somewhere to include a moonedit file into a webpage oooooh, really..i ddidnt get it then,,nevermind,thats cool so i type svsavetxt in the editor without options, thanks nice, then i just include that from a php file into the html output, i can just put the path to moon edit there, it can stay running where it is.perfect..eventually could make a special page on mediawiki engine Special:Moonedit:filename

    then there could also be "rdtext" like r: in vi to insert from file i see, same with executing commands on shell and returning output, like passthru() or exec() or /exec -o in irssi i would like to exec "ddate" and "ddate +%." ;) do you know them? do you use a linux shell currently? it is just showing the date in discordian format and ddate +%. is just "try and see" in the manpage ;) german translation already done? i contributed a bit with Mattis..any other parts somebody can help who knows some scripting but isnt an actual C coder.. yeah it's done, actually it was done eariler by some other guy -> it will be included in new MoonEdit release, because old version don't support external language files. Nevermind..

    oh.. not much.. oh if I understand you.. F5 is not using shell..

    on IRC ,in Efnet there is a channel #eggtcl for example they have scripts on bots that allow people to execute TCL code by typing it in the channel (bot is called SafeTCL since some dangerous commands like exec are disabled of course). but this also gives a feeling of cooperative scripting where you actually exexcute commands and the sends them to parser and outputs back to channel.. maybe in MoonEdit "scripting"-mode one could do something like this ..just brainstorming and telling you about that irc stuff ..when people ask there about problems, one can immediately let the bot execute their code and support them how to fix them.. then they also use stuff like "pastebin.com" a lot to paste their code,and then others answer on IRC how to fix.. if that would be combined somehow,... somebody uploads their script to the ME server and the people who want to help him can join the file

    ok,lets say we are in a perl file togehter now, by starting the file with #/usr/bin/perl in the first line, ME could know that just like bash... and then we could both execute it, and get the output pasted in (a second?) window could do that with any language installed on the server side like python,php ,bash scripting.. but always need to disable the dangerous things, or let it all run in a "jail" or some virtual machine or otherwise in a safe environment..

    it would be fun to edit those scripts in ME as normal files. yeah well.. sure.. actually I don't think I'll concentrate on things like this.. but maybe some day. Hmm there could be not much difference between server-side and client-side scripts, just client should be connected in order to execute script (yeah..). Ok nevermind, just thinking loud.

    My coordinates (longitude/latitude): 18+39/60=18.65N 54+24/60=53.6E

    dont have GPS ;) how to get Try some WWW (it was for "Port of Gdañsk")

    N 45.5 - E 12.3 mattis N 50°56 , E 6°57 mutante

    50+56/60=50.93 6+57/60=6.95

    uh,,planning new features? showing users on worldmap ? actually like Steefan coded for seti23 but on a webpage where it creates a worldmap png and inserts the users via gdlib into the image after reading coords from mysql

    more and more people have GPS hardware, let them connect it ,hehe too bad I don't use it, but why not

    you could also traceroute the IP of the connected user to show an "estimated" location if no coords given.. well, first look at top level domain, if you want to get more into details,theoretically there is "ipindex.(net?)" website that lists owners of all IP ranges, but i think getting too extreme ;) not sure what kind of database tools like "NeoTrace" use that show graphical traceroute on maps

    so NeoTrace is doing it.. nice

    oh - and use some database for internet-providers ?

    Simple GET http://www.hostip.info/api/get.html?ip= Country: UNITED STATES (US) City: Sugar Grove, IL HTTP orientated API to locate IP addresses and Geocode them.

    check the "UserFlag" stuff on the link,too (even though i dont like national flags so much *g*) but you could add that to userlist behind nicks

    it doesn't work that well, my info: Country: POLAND (PL) City: (Unknown city) Latitude: Longitude:

    http://moonedit.com/memap02.png <- is this correct? oops I might pick wrong colors

    cool, looks right for me,,cologne is there yes Mr. Blue yes, he is in Venice, and sometimes back in Berlin

    we are on the way to include the me file into php generated html, talisman is checking to get rights for /var/www ..estimated time 45 min yup yup just call it "afk" or "afk-mode" to click on in Menu .to make user marked as away


    hmm,talisman says "svsavetxt" doesnt seem to work for him yet. he sees no file appearing in ME directory on server

    he says can only find .pw and .me files, none without extension, plaintext should be without extension? talisman is here now, and now the .me file is still .me talisman is T

    hi T wow :) t@cykosoft:~/moonedit#ls te teach-me_talk.me test test.pw teach-me_talk.pw test.me


    looks like we are sooo close to getting it to work, just some path because of virtual host c.h23.org ? try /wserver/t/home/t/moonedit/test ..hmmm i see now what you mean about this server config.. strange include path with : in it anyways, hehe :P do: ls ting2_ please

    mom i try to c.h23.org/t/test.php one mompl yes or maybe .txt :P

    t@cykosoft:~/moonedit#ls ting2_\( ting2_(chat).me ting2_(document).me ting2_(chat).pw ting2_(document).pw

    hmm oh maybe "(" is a problem for ME :/ hmm, ~/t/moonedit have false rights, i have to move hole me sevrer dir in pub html :/ ah:/ maybe some auto "mv" is possible hmm mvis suboptimal, i wanna try to move hole dir into pub_html, i mv now one to see workin or not

    Tom: meanwhile: for your info http://is-root.de/wiki/index.php/MoonEdit you can edit ,would be nice ok

    anyway I plan to add directories to new version, and hopefully some links or something..

    could you add "path" as an option to "svsavetxt" like syntax: svsavetxt hmm, thats the server admins job that vital files are not overwritable by a user appilcation.. actually.. but will it be safe ? you could overwrite some files using it (of course I could check if overwriting, but hmm.. I overwrite by default as update).

    maybe just allow to specify link-path to another directory? and share many dirs at once? I'm thinking about this: every directory will be ".pw" file with DIR keyword (or something) and you can specify link to any directory in your FS

    http://c.h23.org/t/test.php works ehm i move server into pub html, have to shutdown a moment, ok? yup works ok restats in 2mins brb hmm .me file? actually part of .me file is plaintext http://dev.moonedit.com <- explains .me format but there should be "ting2_(chat)." plaintext somewhere (maybe "(" is a problem?)

    argh I did svsavetxt for this chat (I'll try it on my server BTW -> works for me)

    Interestingly mattis is in Italy?! oh cool.. ok I'm going back to development / work I guess. Interesting ting today. ok I'll not exit this ME .. just will be in other window/program... yup

    Tom is A.F.K. as long as you see this text... (and this smiley -> :))

    well, for our server ip also germany /unknown city)

    Geocoordinates, Thomas Kalka likes to use them for wiki to be able to figure out what projects are in your neighborhood.

    I can tell you only, that you will need those coordinates someday :) Sure.

    but you are talking about server-side scripts ? uploaded to server by users? Hi mat we are talking about ME/IRC/bots...

    Sure it's interesting.

    yeah well there was once, but I disabled it, because I was afraid of security issues.. yup you can only execute shell locally (shell command) but of course remote shell is possible (just removed for the same reason)


    yup.. it will save just in the same dir as other files, but without .me extension

    oh there is "svsavetxt" <- this is on server-side ! but you have to start moonedit in /var/www/... directory (since it supports only 1 dir for now - I'm working on it athough)

    Are you C/C++ programmer? ok.. I'm implementing some plug-in interface,

    Oh. It's just fun to do it alone. Oh well, I did MoonEdit actually.

    I've never play "muds"..

    idea: have powerups randomly appear in document.. the person who remove it will get this powerup! (of course it can be possible with some kind of ME mods)

    oh but you will also need "selection protection powerup"

    actually you do the same for me.. yeah.. it could be a mess otherwise (oh well it is a mess now). I mean.. a mess when everybody could change other person color setup

    hehe how do you want to hide the ships ? :)


    Binary Quiz ? 10111 = 23 23 is 17H in

                                      d bagle        b           
                                    smile   d       douglas adams
                                  f o s s a i        t       a  e   
                                  northstar towel     hitchhikers
                                  o r     r     adulated   o k  s cool! thats triple bonus!
                                  rayman moonedit      earth a  i    I joined both gruops:)
                               lord  i    w   i e          - r  o
    hehe                       e a   nice     sex          c    n
                               gay   d  classic            h
                                        c     oral         i ovulation
                                        e                  - u    o
                                        n                  mutation
                                        t                  i u  l i
                                        r                  n m  lactose
                                        i                  h n  u  e  
                                        c                       m empathy
                                                                a  r
                                                                t  a 
                                                                i  t  

    be rigth back.(...)... this is fun! yup :) press F5 F5 inserts the current date. 2005-02-12 20:08:45 ooh;)

    Ok guys, that was very fun, Im leaving now, tuesday 20.00 GMT will be Ting3. see you all, take care. See you

    Looking on the wikinews article + the link to moon-edit and the nice map of present moon-edit users I'm quite content withthe second ting.

    holla hola olá

    schönes Schlusswort. Alles rüber aufs ting-wiki jetzt, ok? nice final words. All to be copied over to the ting-wiki now, ok? ok


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