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Aliens?!? türlich!

Thats me :)) member #214 of the great Group23 from seti

listening at irc at Efnet #seti23 and Qnet #talisman also icq 107853664

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Morgens ist, wenn die s00n3 b00t3t

Taken the red pill?? MaTriX

Ach, was ist das nicht alles ein einzig's grossartig's Fest der Liebe aber auch. -- MattisManzel

One day a pilgrim came upon a man on the road, he asked the man

"What is your name?" 

to which the man replied


The pilgrim intrigued, explored further

"What are you?", 

he replied


The pilgrim confused and trying to understand with a sense of urgency, as if this was an unforseen once in a lifetime occasion

"Please sir, tell me where you are going so I can learn more about your life & personal mystique!". 

The stranger looked deep into his eyes for a moment as if probing for some sign of recognition but then abruptly smiled and started walking backwards down the path from which he came.

-Quoted from the book of curious thingies (pg. 23) -KunDa

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