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    NASA World Wind

    World Wind is a virtual globe developed by NASA for use on personal computers running Microsoft Windows. It overlays NASA and USGS imagery over 3D models of the Earth, and recently Mars.

    The user can interact with the selected planet by rotating it and zooming in and out. An overlay of placenames and political boundaries is available. The software also contains a package to browse maps and other imagery on the internet using the OpenGIS Web Mapping Service.

    Wikipedia:NASA World Wind (en)

    NASA World Wind ist eine Freie Software für Windows-Betriebssysteme, die es ermöglicht Satelliten- und Luftbilder auf einem virtuellem Globus, kombiniert mit Höhendaten anzuzeigen und jeden beliebigen Ort der Erde in 3D-Grafik heranzuzoomen und frei von allen Seiten zu betrachten. Die Software wird unter der freien "Nasa Open Source license v1.3" veröffentlicht.

    DeWikipedia:NASA World Wind (de)

    World Wind lets you zoom from satellite altitude into any place on Earth. Leveraging Landsat satellite imagery and Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data, World Wind lets you experience Earth terrain in visually rich 3D, just as if you were really there.

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