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    "Those who want information to be free as a matter of principle should create some information and make it free." - Nicholas Petreley

    "All quotes and images from other sources are copyright their respective owners, but any content original to 23AE.com is public domain, unless specifically stated otherwise. Do with it what you like, but please attribute properly."

    "KopyLeft ensures the widest dissemination of information. We disagree with the way that copyright and patent law in the United States and around the world is unceasingly modified and broadened due to lobbying by corporations such as Disney and organizations such as the MPAA. It is ludicrous and inexcusable to equate copyright infringement with terrorism, as MPAA president Jack Valenti did, and we want no part of that mindset."


    "For Eris’ sake, even weather data is under strict copyright – the National Weather Service is limited on what weather data it is allowed to provide free on its website, since the private sector owns pieces of the information."


    "UPDATE Aug 01, 2005: It seems that this "Creative Commons" idea is taking off now, and it is certainly a step in the right direction... but... "Some rights reserved?" And blah blah legal code? No, sorry. Not for us. Instead of the Creative Commons image:"


    "I suggest the following Kopyleft image:

    "For those of you who are traditionalists, here is an image of the old Kopyleft I was using:

    "If anyone would like it, feel free to use it in any way you like...*

    excerpts from 23 Apples of Eris

    If you want to publish your text or image as KopyLefted here you can use Template:KopyLeft by inserting {{KopyLeft}} into the according page.

    External Links[edit]

    KopyLeft by Professor Mu-Chao

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