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    Who said it? - Contest[edit]

    <fnord1> some day we'll all meet on the teamspeak server

    <fnord2> some day we'll see all those nicknames on the Recent Changes

    13:04 <+mutante> damn, i wrote a link like [[Bla]] when writing in a regular
                     html page
    13:04 <+mutante> haha, wiki got me
    < eka> somebody out there?
    <@ferro> that depends where 'there' is and if it is indeed 'out', which could be interpreted as 'away from position x', in that
    case you wouldn't need 'out' and could just refrain from stating it since it is self explanatory that noone could be in the same
    position as you
    < eka> mmmmmmm
    < eka> right
    <@denken> i beg to differ. postition x implies a discreet point in space which has no size. rather, 'out' would be interpreted
    as any point or area in space not within the interior of a defined 3 dimensional space. of course
    that still leaves the definition of 'there' to deal with...
    < eka> right again
    <@denken> additonally, if 'out there' is somewhere on irc, we all know that irc isnt really a place. so in fact, there isnt
    ever anyone 'here'. there never has been.
    < eka> just trying to make contact
    <@denken> eka: oh sorry. ferro and i are infobots.
    < eka> interesting
    <@ferro> yes, but one being 'there' or even 'here' will take up more than one particular point in space (position x), and
    of course it is to be defined what i  meant by position X as we all know that a point can be defined in relative measures
    <@denken> ah yes. agreed then. but we still have to define 'there' it would seem.
    < eka> but it wouldnt be x y z points due to space 3d nature?
    < Soliton> x can be a vector of course
    <@denken> space is 4d
    < eka> sorry

    <+Erik> my dad knows i was watching him watch porn last night
    <@Kodiake> wtf
    <@Kodiake> did ya catch ol' dad jerkin off rofl
    <+Erik> lol no dont ask
    <+Erik> i was watching him cyber on remote administrator
    <+Erik> and posting screenshots on irc
    <+Erik> and we were making fun of him
    <@Kodiake> ROFLMAO
    <+Erik> so some fucker gets on msn and starts iming my dad
    <+Erik> then goes "erik is watching you downstairs."
    <@Kodiake> HAHAHAAHA
    <+Erik> "he sees you watching gangbang pictures"
    <+Erik> "YOUR FUCKED"
    <qDotWork> I could've just said "You have to stop and start the string with the same type of character", but "literal scoping delimiter" is just so much geekier.
    <SeBo> hoi all wenn ich ein shell script schreiben will wie erstelle ich dann die datei in der ich das script schreiben kann
    <formorer> SeBo: das geht nur mit Visual Studio Bash++
    < Maritim> configure: error: C preprocessor "/lib/cpp" fails sanity check
    < Maritim> what is wrong?
    < sh4d0w> talk to a phsyciatrist
    14:29 < Nostrom21> does CCC has something to do with delivery of informations, or is it all about dancing/taking drugs......?
    14:30 <@presroi> the latter
    14:30 -!- Aard [~bwachter@aardchat.net] has joined #CCC
    14:31 < falcon78> Nostrom21: drugs
    14:32 < falcon78> Nostrom21: and child porn
    14:32 < Myth^> mostly yes 
    14:32 < falcon78> Nostrom21: what do you need?
    14:33 < Myth^> we also work closely together with several terrorism groups to spread world paranoia
    14:33 < Myth^> but don't tell anyone ;)
    14:33 < Myth^> it's a secret
    14:33 < Nostrom21> Myth yes? I'm not interesting in that :)
    14:33 <@blane> we beat up small chlidren and animals as well
    14:33 <@blane> and not forgetting the sacrificing
    14:34 < Myth^> oh yes, but that's nasty
    14:34 <@Mias> not to mention our nsa supervision
    14:34 < Myth^> yuck
    14:34 < Nostrom21> nlane me too
    14:34 < falcon78> Nostrom21: do you want a few very hot young girls?
    14:34 <@mcfly> re
    14:34 < Nostrom21> falcon78 hot girls?
    14:34 < Myth^> falcon78.. digital pimp, hard at work .. hehehe
    14:34 < Myth^> falcon78, he's just 21.. don't do this :)
    14:35 < Myth^> how is the weather in prague ?
    14:35 < Nostrom21> Myth drenched
    14:35 < Myth^> hehehe


    < l0de>  Ladies and gentlemen, against my better judgement, I allowed my teenage son to install line-ucks on our compaq
                  presario. Now I can't make heads or tales of what's happening on my computer machine, and he is continously
                  making disrespectful remarks about Bill Gates and 'Micro$uck". I guess my only real question is: How long
                  should I ground him, removing all access to his friends and activities in order to correct this anti-social
    <@nagual> depends, how much dick you want your wife to get?
    <@nagual> btw, shame on your son for asking first
    < l0de> I am just disgusted and horrified to find such vulgarity on the internet. You sir, are in dire peril of losing
                  your soul to SATAN.
    21:49:39 <@hiho> jetzt bin ich richtig anwesend
    21:50:04 <+qoreqyas> wie was? brightness schon vorbei?
    21:50:18 <@hiho> hmm??
    21:50:47 <@hiho> wie was??
    21:51:35 <@hiho> hΣtte der bot meine bildschirmeinstellungen verΣndern sollen oder ist das mit der brightness nur dummes gerede
    <@SinSeer> i am going to go on a killing spree if my pot dealer does not log into irc or icq
    < Takkie> How did you guys start out with PHP ? how did you learn yourself ?
    <+Shadda> Well, i was excavating an ancient egyption tomb, myself, when the sarcofogous opened and a
              strange man from the afterlife told me i'd be doing this from now on

    21:25 -!- Irssi: Starting query in daxnet with qoreqyas
    21:25 <kunda> heys
    21:40 <kunda> you will talk
    21:40 <kunda> we have our ways
    21:40  * kunda grins while rubbing his hands together
    21:40  * kunda pulls out an anal probe
    21:40 <kunda> ..last chance..
    21:41 <kunda> tough guy, aye?
    21:41 <kunda> that will change soon enough
    21:41  * kunda turns machine on
    21:41 <kunda> *YOU LOSE CONSICOUSNESS*

    • mirrow sets mode: +o BueckDich
    • BueckDich sets mode: +v kunda_
    • BueckDich sets mode: -o BueckDich

    23:36:59 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› Ich habe gerade mit einem Lineal, 2 Gummbänderähnlichen Sachen und einer Spielzeughülle aus einem "Überraschungsei" rumgespielt oder so...
    23:37:06 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› +
    23:37:08 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› +i
    23:38:01 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› Möchtest du auch, Talisman?
    23:42:45 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› Hey?
    23:45:54 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› Tali?
    23:49:17 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› HEY?
    23:49:27 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› WO
    23:49:31 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› meinte ich...
    23:49:33 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› oder so...
    23:49:35 ‹+|ArTiFeX|› ka...

    23:28:30 ‹+kunda› re
    23:28:47 ‹+kunda› yea..i got it on our thornley page already
    23:29:04 ‹+kunda› found that through alt.fan.rawilson
    23:38:36 ‹+kunda› if you dont respond..im out of here..i swear
    23:41:28 ‹+kunda› ill do it!
    23:44:51 ‹+kunda› ok
    23:44:55 ‹+kunda› out
    23:53:05 ‹+mattis_› **gg**
    23:54:41 ‹+talisman› hrhr
    23:56:40 ‹DrOwl› ohhh

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