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    Making Yogurt[edit]

    Why purchase this product from a supermarket when you can make it very easily and quickly in your own home. You are preparing it every step of the way (very few steps needed). Also their are very little ingredients, as opposed to any commercial yogurt that has ingredients added to it that are designed to make it survive the journey from manufacture to market and have adequate 'shelf-life'. Recipe is designed for making 4 cups. It will keep for 2 weeks in a working fridge.


    • Milk (prefferably Organic grass fed Cow/Goat/Sheep milk)
    • Freeze dried Yogurt Culture OR Yogurt Culture from a previous batch of yogurt


    1. Heat milt to 180F or bring to boiling point. Then let cool to 100-110F.
    2. If you are using a fresh batch of freeze dried yogurt culture, follow instructions on the package.
      1. If you are using Yogurt from a previous batch, dissolve or mix 0.5-1Tablespoon into same amount of warm milk. Mix until smooth (no lumps). Pour this back into the warm milk (4 cups). Mix Well
    3. Cover the container and incubate until the yogurt has reached desired firmness (should hold together some what). May need to wrap towel around the container to keep it warm long enough.
    4. Refrigerate for at least 12 hours before using.


    (please dont hesitate to ask or comment here)

    visitor comment: neat! i will begin a project moving yoghurt culture from the north swedish yoghurt to my homemade one. (I)ll keep you noticed how it turns out… for now see ya… :)

    Editor comment: Great! Let me know the outcome and if you discovered anything new, maybe we can compile like a mini-homemade yogurt archive with a variety of yogurt results. BTW do me a favor and sign up for a UserLogin..its simple and that way you can sign comments with ~~~~ which renders: Kunda 13:46, 25 Mar 2005 (CET). So its known when and who responded. Cheers! -Kunda

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