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    Practical wiki pages

    Here will be stored a list of Practical Wiki Pages that yes..can be useful to ones own life. There will be a whole range of topics that will be linked to individual and Categorized wiki stuff.

    Note: I think there should be a wiki template for 'Practical' wiki page. 

    Cuz lets face it alot of content on the wiki is a awkward concentration of topics that are interesting to those who participate and the occasional like-minded (or search engine directed) individual. We come across something neat and we create a space for it and share hoping it will enrich someones life, or provide some info at least, or just make the wiki look nice and contiguous (or if your just a WikiRat and have no good reason to be one).

    But how often do you come across a page that contains information that you carry on into your non-internet life? (if such a concept exists for you at all)

    Note: The opinions expressed are just that, opinions. You don't like it, at least respect the fact that a person can have one. Whatever reply you make, try (try hard) to make it relevant and understandable, and dignified to be responded to. Thanks

    Cooking for yourself[edit]

    (Some of this rant should be moved elsewhere..its sort of contradicting the title of the page, since its becoming a bit long and tedious)

    Homemade Cooking Learn how to make homemade meals or just homemade products that are:

    1. Nurturing - the kind that actually give you what your body needs to do all the things you want and not feel limited by what your body doesnt allow you to do.
    2. Cheaper to make then buy
    3. GENUINE, Real, not exercise in digestion but real food, dammit.
    4. Practical (quick for working class rat race folks like us, or anyone who has no time to think beyond what little time we have do think but dont act on),
    5. and of course the most important: Wonderful Bowel movement creating. (the most underrated joy there is, no? try holding it in for 2-3 days..realize how one-track your comfort will really become)

    Seriously, do you realize that today food created and sold for many populations across the planet is inferior to what it used to be before certain ideologies and practices where implemented? Ask a few people, just to get more of a statistically correct perspective, you know who are old enough to remember eating vege's and fruits before WWII, Is there a difference in quality of food before and after the war?

    Today the profit motive has turned the focus on food into a logistical one.

    • How much can I make?
    • How long will it last (on a truck, on a shelf, in the fridge etc...)

    Also realize, since this trend for globalization you local farmers, yea...remember them? are probobly not farming anymore, your getting all the food from outside the country. When the best food you should eat would be grown in the environment you live in - think about it - or at least the same time zone. There are technical assumptions that this is relevant or not, I am not claiming to be an expert..this is coming more from an intuitive place.

    CSA Organic_Consumer_Association

    Survival Skills[edit]

    Stuff not taught to you by parents, relatives, and schools/academia.

    Wilderness Survival[edit]

    Learn how to feel more confident outside of a Rectal Linear house. In case of emergency you will know how to remain calm and take care of yourself.

    • Build a Debris Hut and other shelters to sleep outside
    • Procure food by grazing on local vegitation or hunting
    • Use tools that you fashion yourself example: Bow Drill (fire without matches)

    Self Discovery[edit]

    Meditation, Yoga, Breath, Gentle_Art_of_Verbal_Self_Defense, Posture

    Computer Related Issues[edit]

    How to fix known problems with Operating Systems and Programs go below:

    More links[edit]

    Please delve into the below Categories for more, hopefully, practical information

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