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    Evoke 2011[edit]

    Hello fellow reader.
           Mid august,
           summer evening.
           Passing through the hall,
           greeting familiar faces,
           on the way to the barbecue outside,
           Evoke - tried, tested and approved.
           Nice to be back.
    Evoke 2011 will happen AbenteuerhallenKalk 12.-14. of August 2011. The accompanying website has been launched some days ago at
    Meanwhile the first live act has been announced: after having blown everyone's mind with his energetic bleepy tunes last year DJ Storno will play live this year again.
    More information at http://www.evoke.eu/2011/news/dj-storno-at-evoke/
    stefan, poti/ bm

    Evoke 2007[edit]

    Cologne - from 10th to 12th of August @ Vulkanhalle

    2007 8 10

    Evoke 2006[edit]

    Evoke 2005[edit]

    Evoke is going to happen August, 26th to 28th in Cologne, Vulkanhalle.

    You can find more information on Vulkanhalle at http://www.vulkan-halle.de/vulkanhalle.html (in german)

    And expect a major update to the Evoke website at http://2005.evoke-net.de/ during the weekend.

    Evoke 2004[edit]


    for more information: http://evoke-net.de/

    I'd be glad to meet you there :) - Finn

    Last years results:







    If you wonder about the banners, if you click them you help us getting free tickets for ethe Evoke ;) thanks for helping.(but trying to cheat excessively is not a good idea, stay fair)

    1600 Doors open
    2000 Opening Ceremony
    2200 Evoke Netlabel Night
    2300 5 years of [[Crest]] demoshow
    1000 Deadline: Ansi/Ascii, Tiny Music, PC 4k Intro
    1200 Ansi/Ascii
    1300 Tiny Music
    1400 PC 4k Intro
    1500 Deadline: Raytraced Graphics, Multichannel, Wild(Animation)
    1700 Raytraced Graphics
    1800 Multichannel
    1900 Wild/Animation
    2000 Deadline: Pixeled Graphics, OGG Music, PC 64k Intro, Wild(Alternative Platforms), PC Demo
    2100 Pixeled Graphics
    2200 OGG Music
    2300 PC 64k Intro
    0000 Wild(Alternative Platforms)
    0100 PC Demo
    1000 Voting Deadline
    1300 Prizegiving Ceremony

    please click the banners


    SmashDesigns will release Turrican 3 on Evoke, 28th August at 3:03. Get your copy there first!

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.