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    Cologne / Dom / Mediatower / Zeppelin

    A city in northwestern Germany on the Rhine River

    From Latin Colonia Agrippina, Agrippine Colony, a settlement founded by Agrippina, the mother of Roman Emperor Nero; from Latin colonus, ultimately from Proto-Indo-European *kwel.

    Cologne's airport code is CGN.

    Cologne is also home to Evoke, the Soma Festival, Summerjam and Open Chaos

    Cologne at night, 18.Sept 2005

    We also have a gallery of streetart in Cologne.

    Travel Info[edit]


       405 sq km
       156 sq miles



    Time Zone

       GMT/UTC +1 ()


       German (official)


       Euro (Euro)

    LonelyPlanet says: "A city so good you'll want to dab it behind your ears."


    Cologne at night, 08.Dec 2005
    Cologne at night, 31.Dec 2005
    Kölner Dom
    Kölner Dom 06.05.06
    Sonnenuntergang am Rhein

    Usage as a name for perfume / 4711[edit]

    For the usage as perfume see:

    Eau de Cologne (French for "water of Cologne", Kölnisch Wasser in German) is a type of light perfume that originated in Cologne, Germany and is defined by its typical concentration of about 2-3% essential oils. Today only used by old ladies and Japanese tourists as souvenir from Cologne ;-)


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