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wmufo is a nice package for you if:

  1. you are running debian
  2. you are running setiathome
  3. you are running X with a wm that supports dockapps (like Blackbox)

wmufo is a dockapp to run in a sidebar on your desktop and display the status of one or many setiathome clients.

But instead of just showing a few numbers like most setiapps,it has some nice ufo and alien graphics.

In Blackbox i had to use the -b option of wmufo (apply broken window manager fix).

Package: wmufo (1.2.1-2) [contrib] This is wmseti on steroids!

This application contains the same statistic display as wmseti but with animation instead of alien faces. Imagine a dockapp with a flowing starfield, a spinning saucer UFO and various alpha blended glowing ball UFOs travelling back and forth across the window.

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