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What is Blackbox?

Blackbox is that fast, light window manager you have been looking for without all those annoying library dependencies.

If you have a C++ compiler and the X Window System you can compile and use it. Blackbox is built with C++ and contains completely original code (even though the graphics implementation is similar to that of Window Maker).

This is a window manager for X under Linux. It is similar in many respects to such popular packages as Window Maker, Enlightenment, and FVWM2. You might be interested in this package if you are tired of window managers that are a heavy drain on your system resources, but you still want an attractive and modern-looking interface.

Blackbox on Debian[edit]

apt-get install blackbox

The "blackbox" package itself contains only the very basics, add-ons come in seperate packages.

apt-cache search blackbox 
bbappconf - Configuration tool for Blackbox application windows
bbconf - A Blackbox configuration utility
bbdate - Date tool for the blackbox window manager
bbkeys - application to handle key bindings in Blackbox
bblaunch - launch windows with manipulated attribs under blackbox
bbmail - Mail notifier for Blackbox
bbpager - Pager for the Blackbox window manager
bbppp - PPP tool for the blackbox window manager
bbsload - System load tool for the blackbox window manager
bbtime - Time tool for the blackbox window manager
blackbox - Window manager for X
blackbox-themes - Themes for the Blackbox Windowmanager

also see: -> Debian/Wmufo

Blackbox for Windows[edit]

If you would like to run Blackbox on Windows, check out:

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