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    The information below is provided for those who are interested but not enough to actually research their options in to this system. No commitments are necessary. I feel as humans it is important to dedicate time to the aspects of our lives that we do not alltogether understand (relaxation, release, listening to our subconscious, breathing) and the subjects that are a mystery to us (will, intent, psychic facilities, energetics).

    Unfortunately we are not taught how to cultivate these latent functions within us from childhood (a mistake, in my opinion) and when certain 'gifts' are latent, atrophy makes it more difficult to address as we get older (I'm from the school of thought that you can change at any age, "I'm still learning" -Leonardo DaVinci). From my experience it is worth the effort to try this system since the benefits that are visible are really quite impressive: Re-aligning of natural skeletal posture (changes bone structure by straightening/lengthening spine, increasing lung capacity etc..) Muscle toning, improved mental functions, strong influence on dreams and psychic anomolies, improves stamina and sex life. Those are only the visible results. This system will also cure you of fears that you may have about your body or mortality (unless some Dr. has already told you how many more years you have to live). All those fears associated with years of neglect and subjecting it to harsh conditions (heavy smoking, heavy drinking etc..) will start to diminish and eventually disappear.

    It is your birthright to live a full life. A life of quality..also quantity (if that is important to you as well, trust me I don't entertain some eternal life notion). By 'full' I also mean to address that 'human potential' that some claim we live very little of.

    Yoga studios in Köln[edit]

    (below is a summary based on superficial information (websites) coupled with my own personal knowledge of yoga (which I admit is limited). They are not conclusions only opinions. The only effective way to get an impression is to try it out physically, but even then the experience is unique for different people since we are all editing reality, therefore making it our own and not part of some general collective reality with a capital 'R'. With that rant over, lets proceed to the meat of the issue)

    • The Yoga Loft; Class Schedule; Prices
      • Mentionable notes: 1st class is free & the forms of yoga practiced in this studio, from my knowledge, are more of the intense 'you will sweat' kind of approach. If you're new to yoga these clases might intimidate you. Understand that you might not able to achieve alot of what is requested of you. Don't judge all yoga from these first impressions (thats a rule you should apply to in general to everything in life).
      • Impressions: Personally the forms of yoga provided would not be my first choice to try. If you enjoy working-out, running, aeorbic exercises (if you like to sweat or like to feel like your chalenging your body) then this might just be for you. Try a free class, nothing to lose. If i was going to check it out i would either try Veronique or Wolfgang (Their bios). Veronique looks like she would dedicate a reasonable amount of time to a relaxation and meditation (which i feel are important) before and/or after the class. Wolfgang seems like he would focus primarily on the body.
      • Located: Neusser Str. 27-29, 50670 Cologne (Köln), NRW Germany
      • Phone: +49(0221) 130.75.13 / infoAttheyogaloft.de
    • Silence and Movement (no website, contacting owner via email, waiting reply)
      • Mentionable notes: The directory lists some of the qualities I personally look for in a yoga class. This class seems to be a bit more low-key. Depending on the teacher of course, you will get a well-rounded workout that should adress the multiple systems in your body (for example, not only focusing on muscle and skeletal, but nervous and endocrine, galandular, immune etc..).
      • Location: Genter str. 12, 50672 Köln, Germany
      • Phone: (49)0.221.5000.750 (49) 0.179.7004006 Fax: (49)0.221.5000.750 yogicbreathAThotmail.com

    Information provided from [1]

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