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(*) Wegen den 3 kaputten Wikias schon Bescheid gesagt in #wikia / Freenode

22:59 < sannse> we really need to do some deleting... got some old test wikis in there an all
23:04 < mutante_> jasontest707
23:04 < mutante_> jasontest30
23:04 < mutante_> emiltest2
23:04 < mutante_> those 3 can be deleted i guess
23:04 < mutante_> they appear in the Sitemap, but do not return any stats
23:05 < sannse> *nod* there are a few others around, but possibly without stats an all

(**) Und wegen dem Wikipedia Link in der ersten Zeile auch:

Topic for #wikia: ...2000+ free wikis!
< mutante_> topic: the exact number of wikia wikis is 1913 currently it seems
< mutante_> (plus 1 for wikipedia)
< sannse> wikipedia isn't on that page...
< mutante_> i know, but why is it listed as Σ in http://www.wikia.com/wikistats/EN/Sitemap.htm
< mutante_> Σ Web site (link to http://www.wikipedia.org/)
< mutante_> the very first in the list
< mutante_> ok, i see now its just an "ALL wikis" grand total
< sannse> humm.. that should be www.wikia.com - which is what the tables and charts say... it must have been missed when the page was converted from the Wikipedia version
< mutante_> i was reading the links with a script
< mutante_> and the link is wikipedia.org , thats why
< sannse> *nod* a bad link there - sorry about that


How to update the Wikia Hostlist[edit]

  • Sort out list of all wikia hostnames with . or - in them

select name from wikia where name like "%.%" or name like "%-%" into outfile 'wikiadots.txt';

lynx -dump http://www.wikia.com/wikistats/EN/Sitemap.htm | grep "Web site " | cut -d " " -f4 > wikias.txt

  • Combine the two lists

cat wikiadots.txt >> wikias.txt

  • Delete "S" = Wikipedia (delete first line in list) (**)
  • Convert list to MySQL import format

for wikia in `cat wikias.txt`; do echo "insert into wikia (name) values ('$wikia');"; done > wikias.sql

  • Delete all wikia

mysql> delete from wikia; 1896 rows affected

  • and overwrite with fresh

mysql -u root -p wikistats < wikias.sql

mysql> select count(name) from wikia; 1913 - 1896 = 17 wikis added

  • start update script to get new data

php /var/www/wikistats/update_wikia.php

related: Wikistats/ToDo

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