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About the Project[edit]


Until some two years ago the meta:List of Wikipedias by size was compiled and updated by hand. In parallel, User:RobiH developed the meta:List of largest wikis out of the existing Meatball:BiggestWiki and kept updating it by hand. Soon he became fed up with his weekly session surfing through all the statistics pages to update the page counts etc. In this situation he met User:mutante who offered to write a script at least covering the Mediawikis automatically. Soon this script was deployed for all the Wikimedia Project lists on meta:. Today almost 20,000 Mediawikis are being updated like this at least every 24 hours.


Still heavily unter construction. See Wikistats/ToDo.


Our next qoals will be to extend these statistics to also cover other Wiki Engines. A first corresponding task has been assigned to User:MattisManzel.

How To Generate Automatic Wiki Statistics[edit]

Create Database[edit]

Table structures[edit]

--> Wikistats/Table structures

Fill it initally[edit]

--> Wikistats/Wikipedia Languages

Keep it updated[edit]


--> Wikistats/Update scripts


Every 4 hours:

crontab -l
# m h  dom mon dow   command
00 */4 * * * /usr/local/sbin/update_all.sh

which calls (among others)

php /var/www/wikistats/update_wikis.php

Display results[edit]

--> Wikistats/Display scripts

In use[edit]

old ----


List of Wikipedias, List of Wikiquotes, List of Wiktionaries, List of Wikibooks, List of Wikisources, List of Wikinews,... others in Category:Wikistats



see Wikistats/ToDo to add request for additions or bug fixes

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