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Which Mediawiki uses which extension[edit]

list of extensions[edit]

by id[edit]


by name[edit]



Use API ?[edit]

00:03 <Splarka> mutante: where possible (api was first available in 1.8) could it use meta=siteinfo&siprop=extensions ? heh
00:03 <RoanKattouw> API since 1.8, siprop=extensions since much, much later
00:06 <RoanKattouw> Since 1.14 then I guess
00:06 <Splarka> so mutante: be sure to check the version, if 1.14 or greater, you can hit the api (if enabled) for that
00:09 <Splarka> it was first available in 1.8, and should be in the scriptpath (sibling of index.php), it was not enabled by default until a
                much later version though...  Starting with 1.12 it was added as a global JS variable: var wgEnableAPI
00:10 <RoanKattouw> <brokenrecord>or just hit it to check whether it's enabled</brokenrecord.
00:10 <Splarka> so basically, pre 1.8 no api, 1.8-1.11 hit it to check, 1.12+ check the global variable
00:10 <RoanKattouw> In fact, why not grab siteinfo+extensions to get version info adnd extensions all in one go

Mediawiki.org includes it in Template:Extension :)[edit]

00:28 <Splarka> mutante: a thought, if perhaps you added a link to s23's extension list into the extension infobox on mw: http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Template:Extension  "find wikis using this extension" or such.. could it be automated? it might have to do a fuzzy string search I suppose

00:29 <mutante> Splarka: well, every extension has an "id" now, and it would need to link to the URL  mediawiki_extensions.php?id=  <
                including the id
00:30 <Splarka> but since you grab http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Category:All_extensions which uses the titles avaiable to that template as                FULLPAGENAME, it should be feasable
00:30 <mutante> Splarka: so, either it would need a list of those IDs in a wiki page somewhere,... or i would need to make a new query with fulltext search, yes..
00:30 <Splarka> hmm
00:31 <Splarka> inserting your internal ID manually to each extension is proibitively annoying to maintain
00:31 <Ryan_Lane> ugh, why are semantic mediawiki wiki's tables being created with a latin1 charset, while the rest of mediawiki's are being created as binary?

<mutante> Splarka: well ok, i can just add a parameter, eitehr id= or name= ? ;P
<mutante> Splarka: try now ..  http://s23.org/wikistats/mediawiki_extensions.php?name=Extension:Google_Maps
00:57 <Splarka> mutante: can I add that link to Template:Extension ?
00:58 <Splarka> [http://s23.org/wikistats/mediawiki_extensions.php?name={{FULLPAGENAMEE}} check usage] ''(experimental)''

00:59 <Splarka> mutante: hmm, FULLPAGENAMEE makes the page escaped, underscores instead of spaces, and some other escaping (I think
                urlencoding of non-ascii)

01:03 <mutante> Splarka: so where would it appear then.. checking that Template...
01:03 <Splarka> hmm
01:03 <Splarka> I dunno, the bottom maybe
01:03 <Splarka> until someone figures out a better place for it, or reverts it

01:04  * Splarka will be bold
01:04 <mutante> :)

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