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    ting52, Sunday, 26th of March 2006, 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)[edit]

    We are meeting half an hour before a ting on irc, server freenode, channel #onebigsoup. We use Gobby as a collaborative editor (v0.3.0 only please - older versions are incompatile and will likely ruin the ting) and teamspeak for VoIP. The collab-editor-server is kathigraben.mine.nu, port 6522 (default). You find the teamspeak login data on the gobby page ting52_talk or ask in irc.freenode #onebigsoup.

    topic proposals[edit]

    • tings are open. so come up with a topic - you will realize pretty soon if someone's interested in it
    • ting-radio, flashmeeting-ting
    • add here or in gobby, please


    26th of March 2006 18:00 UTC (20:00 CEST)


    • ma: Mattis Manzel, Venice
    • Ted Ernst, Chicago
    • xtof : Christophe Ducamp, Louveciennes (near Paris)
    • add yourself/ajoutez vous


    This is a voice-ting, we use VoIP parallel with this collab-editor session: Teamspeak - server: xxxxx Connect with QuickConnect and copy in there xxxxxxxxxxx

    Ceci est un ting-voix, nous utilisons en parallèle la VoIP avec cette session d'édition collaborative : Serveur Teamspeak : despise-the-graceful.com:3333 (3333 n'est pas le port par défaut) Connectez-vous avec QuickConnect et copiez directement dans le champ de saisie xxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Possibly configure your teamspeak to push-to-talk, please.

    Configurez svp votre teamspeak en mode push-to-talk.

    This page will go to ting-wiki: ting52 soon after the ting. So use Mediawiki-syntax when writing, please. Start with a two letter abreviation that identifies yourself. This is because when copying to wiki we loose the background colors and can't tell who wrote what anymore.

    Cette page ira vers le ting-wiki : ting50 bientôt après le ting. Aussi utilisez svp la syntaxe de Mediawiki au moment d'écrire. Démarrez avec deux lettres d'abréviation qui vous identifient : Ceci parce qu'au moment de copier vers wiki nous perdons les couleurs d'arrière plan et ne pouvons pas dire qui a écrit quoi.

    ma: collab-editor, cool, eh? So this part here is completely free editable. You can delete stuff. On moonedit you can see the cursors of the others, the gobyb-folks are working on that.

    We haven't really explored a possible use of collab-editors. Too many technical problems, incompatible version updates and more obstacles. I did write a text for the fete-d'internet-wiki last sunday and xtof translated it simultaneously. This worked great. We were fast. I'd very much like to try different applications, language teaching - in the combination with VoIP - seems especially promising to me, but I guess there are hoards of others, all still to be discovered.

    ma: Bonjour, les enfants!!!! (xtof + his kids just connected, gobby + teamspeak)

    Lion opposes irc so dramaticly, Hellmut has restraints against it - I can understand them. There are clear disadvantages, the translucent character, lots of useful thoughts disappear into the stratosphere on irc. But it's not either or. I agree with lion that we finally need all the capabilities within one application. I support all effords in that direction It's just for the moment that it seems simpler to me to combine the right things that already exist. If they are open source merging them into one will be rather easy I guess. Irc is commonly used by geeks, it is traditionally one of the communication programs among them. We can't afford not building a strong connection to this intelligence-pool. Irc is not everything, but it's something not to be ignored. The intelligence input from it will help us to get the big thing done faster, the more difficult thing. For many people the translucent character of irc is essential, they wouldn't speak up the way they do, if it were loged and public. That's ok, let them have it translucent then. We'd have irc (one chanel) down in the chat part of gobby and we'd be connected to the "translucent pool" by it. And we'd be free to create something permanent, something globally public in the collab-editor part of gobby above (the moment we copy over the contents to wiki it gets public). We'd have to ask, "hey, what you just wrote was cool, may I copy that over to the part getting public?, sure.

    xtof : my son aymeric is currently searching a pair of microphone ! and he should talk here soon ...

    maxime : hello mattis

    ma: hallo hallo, up here is the collab-section. You can edit everywhere you want.

    maxime : okay

    ma: If you feel like add yourself on the particioants list above.

    xtof : on a personal point of view, I meet some difficulties with switching between Teamspeak and Gobby

    ma: hmm. I have them running on two different boxes. Teamspeak can run in the background, can't it? You just can't see the lamps, who's pushing his button then. But it should also work on one box.

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