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    Gobby is a free and open source cross-platform real-time collaborative editor. It was realeased in June 2005. It is in use on tings.

    Current: Gobby 0.2.2: General bugfix release 06.09.2005

    I has an included chat that has very much an irc taste and a collaboratively editable document, MoonEdit taste. Every gobby can host a session. A standalone server, like on MoonEdit and in use with the ting-wiki is rudementary existant but is not fully implemented.

    gobby-wiki: installation guide. On this wiki and the attached developement page you find a lot of material on the programms progress.

    There is also community-wiki: gobby.

    MattisManzel 22:06, 15 Jun 2005 (CEST): Finn and me tested gobby yesterday, very cool. The chat is very irc'ish, maybe it is even possible to conjuct gobby with irc somehow. Everybody can host is cool too, burt the standalone server not yet working is still un-cool. MoonEdit on win has typing sound (which I love) and a magnificient history (wich I love as well). That chat on gobby can't be saved I fear, and it has not sound. But it is o p e n s o u r c e! Yeah!

    When obby is compiled with --enable-tests, you get a bufferd binary in the tests/ subdirectory. It is a server which fully implements the obby server protocol. It is only not suitable for mass usage as it lacks proper command line options etc. As far as we know it should work to use it to host a dedicated obby session.

    thanks for that information,then i will try to install that for mattis's today. mattis, you said until thursday,right? mutante 08:01, 16 Jun 2005 (CEST) Is there a way to save the chat sessions as plain text to server ?

    not as far as I know. the session is saved as plain text without the chat-session. Finn 08:24, 16 Jun 2005 (CEST)

    Correct, feel free to file tickets for any problem you encounter and for any feature you miss on obby tracker. But as I just saw, the current buffer daemon implementation suffered from severe changes in the obby API (just for the debugging output). You could find a fixed minimalistic bufferd.cpp on our server. -- phil

    MattisManzel 19:15, 16 Jun 2005 (CEST): Verrry pleased to see you all cook here already, but no stress please. If it's not working for todays ting it will for one of the next ones. There's always a next ting (Famous proverb from wikilandia).

    MattisManzel 22:05, 28 Jul 2005 (CEST): Ideas after using gobby:
    Several document windows is a standard on tings. At least a _talk for the talk and a _document page for the summary or the condensed wisdom . In moon-edit I used to open two windows, a third above for for _document, two thirds of the screen below for the talk. I wonder if in gobby one couldn't die the Reiter (?) above in the color of the person last editing the document. Like that you could see who is editing a document without having it upfront. Active documents with several people writing on it would change color pretty fast. If someone alone is editing the document maybe there should be a blinking dot on it or so.

    Someone writes new text (usually at the end of the page), but as you dind't scroll to the end you do not realize it. You rest where the end of the page was and do not get that new text is added to it. So: If the page is scrolled to the end and new lines are added there it should automatically scroll down. If you are looking on something more upwards it shouldn't.

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