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ting13, sunday 27th of March 2005, 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET)[edit]

See also the talk-page for the ting13_talk. (same as discussion in the orange bar above)


Date: 2005-03-27 (Sunday)


* ma: MattisManzel
* mu: mutante
* lk: LionKimbro

mutante and Mattis talked, mutante left, Lion arrived, Lion and Mattis talked. Then Lion and mutante talked.


* Structure and Method for meetings
* WikiNoding values neutral
* RSS standardization
* Noding together multiple wiki
* RSS across multiple wiki
* How to cluster WikiNodes
* WikiNodes: central admins?


This summarizes Lion and Mattis' conversation.

* Feeds on s23
  * list of feeds: http://is-root.de/wiki/index.php/Feeds
  * unfortunately, they don't merge into one, like OddMuse feed aggregation
  * it can be a bit slow on OddMuse
  * Event system
    * sends an event whenever a wiki changes
    * RSS feeds cache always up-to-date
    * CommunityWiki:DistributedEditing
    * based on JEP-0060?
    * MoinMoin intends to implement an internal event system
* Meeting Structure
  * Importance of Listening. It feels good to know you are listened to.
  * MoonEdit vs. IRC:
    * content not transient
    * content reworkable
    * can rework expressions
    * simultaneous document editing
    * can copy & paste good contents to a document page
      * (though, we have done this in IRC too)
    * negative: no date / time stamping
  * Purpose, method of meetings.
    * Lion's concern: Economy of face-to-face real-time group interaction.
    * So, we should work hard to make best use of time during Tings.
    * "There should be at least some sour cucumbers on the table."
    * xtof used to do preparations
  * "The Table":
    * (Lion summarizes his method described on CommunityWiki:RobertsRules)
      * Which wil be moved to CommunityWiki:TheTable
    * The table needs to be in view and editable by everyone.
      * So, it can't be in another document window, if people aren't using two document windows.
* (mutante returns.)
  * mutante prefers non-realtime discussion, though likes MoonEdit for collaborative programming.
  * pastebin.com ; using MoonEdit as a pastebin
  * bot for automatic upload to MoonEdit
  * (we really want a Free / liberated version)
* RSS standardization
  * Date field
* RSS-Feed of WikiNodes (contains the RC's of several Wikis belonging to one topic)  
* Wikinoding that respects community concerns.
  * ex: Linking Christian wiki to Unitarian Universalist wiki
  * Even linking X-tian wiki to X-tian wiki can be very dangerous, if we don't understand the communities.
  * The concern is putting people off to wikinodes, because of bad first experiences.
  * Perhaps noding technical subjects together, things that are more clear cut.
* Wiki Metadata
   * WikiMachineCode