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ting11, sunday 20th of March 2005, 18:00 UTC (19:00 CET)[edit]

ting11_document copied in from moon-edit server: is-root.de, port: 32123 Date:

See also the talk-page for the ting11_talk. (same as discussion in the orange bar above)

2005-03-20 1800 GMT Sunday


  • MattisManzel (ma)
  • Sigi (si)
  • TheCrypto / JulianKrause (tc)
  • LionKimbro (lk)

Proposed topics:

  • Wiki-Noding Party (making a ton of wiki-nodes in a day)
  • Tings on Sundays, later hours


  • WikiNoding methods

Meeting Summary:

  • (non-summarized stuff)
  • "preselected feed of wikinodes"
    • ma: # of wikinodes large, getting hard to look through
    • ma: w/ categorized wiki, can find likely neighbors easier
    • ma: categorization based on both ContentAndCommunity
    • lk: isn't this mission of SwitchWiki?
    • lk: but can imagine metadata of wiki kept on wiki themselves
    • ma: better to keep on their wiki, templated and styled to their wiki
    • lk: So, we need wiki metadata
  • status of metadata support in wiki
    • x-wiki: probably there, but x-wiki is confusing as hell
    • mediawiki: there's an effort, it's been a while since we checked up on it
    • MoinMoin: has some primitive support, Lion thinks he saw something about more support coming
    • OddMuse: requires we convince Alex to support it. lk: "That'll be the day!"
  • MoonEdit
    • technically, can be done with just Javascript, like Google maps
    • Tom made a Java version of MoonEdit
      • link on one of older tings
  • meeting times:
    • LionKimbro likes this time. (Sunday 18:00)
    • Thursdays: 21:00 UTC
  • does live collaborative editing afford regular meetings?
    • documents for keeping track of meeting
    • but live element for meeting
  • automatic tying RecentNearChanges feed lists to the WikiNode neighbors list - recent changes of our neighbors
    • requires: machine-read list of neighbors
    • requires: machine-read description of wiki including pointer to RSS feed
    • mattis and Lion prefer mixed changes, like on CW,...
      • ...vs a big table of changes segregated by wiki, like on Open-Wiki.
  • pushing Metadata for wiki forward
  • architecture for wiki metadata, SwitchWiki of the future:
    • wiki maintain their own metadata
    • future equivalent(s) of SwitchWiki just reads off the data, shows it to users however
    • some groups might want to keep machine-read data on other wiki themselves- alternative classification schemes
  • what metadata might look like
    • (example, to be copy-and-pasted from conversation text)
    • technically, you can do it now - ignoring content-type issues and stuff like that
  • for future meeting:
    • WikiNoding party
    • WikiNoding style
      • concentrating our message/presentation, because people are misunderstanding
  • lk: I like the tings, I believe we should structure our live interactions a bit more.
  • where do pages go? what is the page process?
    • s23-wiki
    • lk: perhaps we should x-post to CW
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