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    A quote from Jim Morrison about Yoga. Found on [1]

    The Lords: Notes on Vision (1969)[edit]

    • Yoga powers.
      To make oneself invisible or small.
      To become gigantic and reach to the farthest things.
      To change the course of nature.
      To place oneself anywhere in space or time.
      To summon the dead.
      To exalt senses and perceive inaccessible images, of events on other worlds,
      in one's deepest inner mind, or in the minds of others.

    Kunda replied: yea jimbo did a lot of reading. I once heard from some source, not sure its true or what, that jim would challenge anyone to pick a book from his library and read him a section from it and that he would complete the passage by heart. And jim was a prolific reader!
    These words that he wrote above though are what attract a different kind of audience to practice Yoga. They covet the 'siddhis' (powers) that are talked about in mainstream scriptures of Yogic Science like the:

    Growing up as kids watching Saturday morning cartoons, i know for me i wanted to be Spiderman and later when I grew older wanted to be a Ninja. The fascination of transcending the forces of nature is an amazing proposal. The problem is that it can get in the way of the real practice. The siddhis are like guideposts on the path, dont stop and worship the sign that is pointing you onwards. The irony of siddhis is that, once one reads the stories of ancient and modern India, tales of superpowers and miracles happend every day somewhere (and im reffering to stuff that Jim wrote above and some more). One realizes the foundation for human belief in holy men that are elevated to god status, is through witnessing acts that go beyond the everyday laws of existance. Then you see how religions start to form and doctrine, i dare to say, on such superficial reasons.

    I remember reading in a book once about a master and disciple making a pilgrimage in the himalayas (or something similiar) and they come upon a yogi who can blow fire from his mouth. The disciple was amazed and made comment to that effect. The master though remained unimpressed and asked the firebreathing yogi how many years did it take him to learn such a thing? The yogi replied with dignity and pride, 15-20 years (dont recall the number). The master on hearing that produced a box of matches and said something to the effect of 'Here, this is what i usually use'.  :)

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