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    The Truth is OUT THERE[edit]

    According to Pandit Rajmani Tigunait, the title sequence for the X-files describes out modern world most aptly by stating that The truth is Out There. It seems that this perception mirrors the condition we are in. Seeking external stimulation seems due to the fact that we as humans were brought up that way and dont know that other options existed. This external search according to other models of thought has its roots in a doctrine that: maybe all we are really seeking for externally gives us glimpses of what we all intrinsically know, that this life has more then meets the eye (or any of the other 5 senses). This search for the internal through the external has gotten humanity so turned around we have it to thank for the current human condition.

    Standing on the back of a Whale fishing for Minoes[edit]

    This is an eastern axiom. It seems to convey that the "place" where we are viewing the world from IS the source of our existance. The untapped energetic source and resource (or the "place" wherefrom one can contact this resource) is the seat at which we view things external to us. It's not so farfetched if you think about it. The most comprehensive pharmacy in our known universe is in the brain. Our known 5 senses, which become stimulated and in turn reproduce signals to our brain/body, are our only way to explain to us what happends to us in space/time, What about the signals they dont pick up? We then create special tools to quantify these beyond human sensitivity range experiences that report to us about them. Then Quantum Physics came along to shows us that our tools, which are extensions of our nervous system, influence the outcome of our observations and in turn make us make a gamble of what is external to us. Ancient eastern martial arts and austerities, utilize internal faculties to accomplish miraculous and natural-law defying feats. Spontaneous remission of diseases,

    Listening to music loudly and going to movies that stimulate our brains and bodies in a way that feels so real, putting different chemicals in our bodies to shift our consciousness.

    Here is a visual to ponder:
    Think of yourself as a wheel..rolling through life, throwing energy forward with each turn. The wheel keeps on rolling rolling rolling through time and slowly starts disintegrating and breaking apart until the wheel comes to a halt (death).

    Kinda depressing but my intention is not cynical. Lets try another one:
    Imagine reading a comic where you can see inside the characters mind. The metaphor for his/her mind is a dark room with a point of light in it. The vast majority of the rest is in total darkness. Then read on and see how this character goes about interacting in the world while carrying around this load of unillumined darkness.

    These visuals are trying to convey the human condition.

    So just entertain this model for a little while. Think of what a sad comedy it is like. People grasping for love, content, satisfaction, bliss, euphoria, completeness and all from a place that already has the potential capacity to offer that..but they aren't plugged into it. Sort of like the Matrix but different.

    How well do you know the inside of your mind. Can you spend the amount of time within like can outside it? Maybe You are bored within yourself; maybe because you aren't doing anything (outside yourself), Does that raise any questions for you?

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