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The calendar has been created by calendar extension for mediawiki by [krass.com,(download)

You can also create the same or other calendars on other wiki pages.



You can also drop the format line because it defaults to the above, the format influences the name of the wiki pages created for each day, if you use a different name, it will become a prefix in wiki page names, therefore not interfering with other calendars. Test this in preview mode.

Calendar tag options[edit]

Calendar format README


The parameters work like this:


      can be "week","month","threemonths" and "year" (default).


      is a name for the calendar and changes the names of the day pages.


      defaults to '%name_%year_%month_%day' and describes the names
      of the day pages.


      formats the titles in today/days/week view


      you can specify the date of the calendar, it defaults to today.
      currently this doesn't work with "view=week"


      this takes a php strtotime ( http:://www.php.net/strtotime )
      option and overrides the "day","month","year" option
      above. examples are:

      date="+1 week"
      date="next monday"
      date="+7 days"


      week starts on 1=monday ... 7=sunday. default is 1

format & formattitle accept these substitutions:

       any php date() substitution prefixed with '%', like '%m','%d','%Y'

from User:Cdamian/calendar

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