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    MediaWiki logo

    MediaWiki is a Wiki software package licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is written in PHP and uses an underlying MySQL relational database. Its logo symbolizes how its markup language uses brackets [[picture of flower]] to link articles together, in contrast to CamelCase. MediaWiki is being developed by the Wikimedia Foundation. Lead developer is Brion Vibber.

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    We just upgraded to Mediawiki 1.10.

    Current Versions[edit]

    Unstable Release (running on wikimedia sites) 1.11

    The current version of MediaWiki.org itself is 1.11alpha [1]

    The current stable version of MediaWiki is 1.9.3 (released on 2007-02-20) (Download)

    The current legacy version of MediaWiki is 1.4.13 / 1.3.18 (2006-01-05,2005-11-02)

    2006-01-05: Protection against Windows WMF vulnerability in 1.5.5 and 1.4.13

    Please upgrade if you have uploads enabled to avoid being a vector for unpatched clients.

    2005-12-21: Fix for remote code execution bug in 1.5 branch

    Upgrade all 1.5 installations to 1.5.4 or higher immediately!

    New features in 1.4[edit]

    * 'Recentchanges Patrol' to mark new edits that haven't yet been viewed.
    * New, searchable deletion/upload/protection logs
    * Image gallery generation (Special:Newimages and <gallery> tag)
    * SVG rasterization support (requires external support tools)
    * Users can select from the available localizations to override the
      default user interface language.
    * Traditional/Simplified Chinese conversion support
    * rel="nofollow" support to combat linkspam

    New features in 1.5[edit]

    MediaWiki 1.5.0 final

    MediaWiki 1.5 continues the architectural changes started in version 1.4. Its most notable change is a substantially redesigned database schema, which finally completely decouples text storage from article revision tracking. This is expected to increase the speed of various operations like page moves and generating page history listings, as well as allowing unchanging bulk data to be stored outside the database.

    New features in 1.6[edit]

    Major plans for 1.6

       * Case-insensitive, case-preserving page titles
       * Localized sort order for sorted lists
       * WYSIWYG based on FCKeditor

    New features in 1.7[edit]

    July 7, 2006: 1.7.0 new stable branch
    1. MediaWiki 1.7 requires PHP 5 (5.1 recommended). PHP 4 is no longer supported.
    2. MySQL 3.23.x is no longer supported; some older hosts may need to upgrade.
    3. Experimental Oracle support has been dropped
    • A new "langlinks" table tracks interlanguage links
    • A new "filearchive" table stores information on deleted files
    • A new "querycache_info" table stores information on query page updates

    To ensure that these tables are filled with data, run refreshLinks.php after the upgrade.

    Deleted files can now be archived and undeleted, if you set up an appropriate non-web-accessible directory.

    Experimental PostgreSQL support has been updated.

    release notes, Upgrading to 1.7

    New features in 1.10[edit]

    see release notes

    MediaWiki CVS[edit]

    basic info about the wikimedia cvs is here: https://sourceforge.net/cvs/?group_id=34373

    cvs -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wikipedia login
    cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/wikipedia co -P modulename



    see Category:Mediawiki Extensions, SQL table structure of MediaWiki

    Own extension without the fancy interface[edit]

    < scott7> is there a way to make a PHP-Driven Page, almost like a special page but without showing up of the  menu+tab+style?
    < robchurch> You want a special page minus the fancy interface?
    < scott7> yes, i just want a popup wich provides an input assistent, but it must have db-access and control wther the user is logged on or not
    < robchurch> global $wgOut;
    < robchurch> $wgOut->disable();
    < robchurch> Then do your own output with echo();

    MediaWiki Appliance for VMWare[edit]

    --> see vehera-base

    MediaWiki bots[edit]

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.