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    (Redirected from SoulSeek)



    A (in my opinion) great filesharing-tool.


    1. Buddylist
    2. you can share list-only (meaning, only people on your list can download from you. good for building private networks.)
    3. permanent bans possible (great for leechers ;-) )
    4. great source for non-mainstream music
    5. chat-rooms
    6. if you browse files an user has shared, you've got a directory view and you can download whole directories (unlike i.e. in kazaa)
    7. more to add in the future, I am sure :-)


    1. no multisource-downloads possible
    2. doesn't work if the server (that isn't used for indexing the files, but to give you privileges if you donated to slsk) is down

    In summary, I like soulseek very much. Found a lot of stuff, I never found anywhere else.

    Any other slsk-users here?

    you made me one by adding this page, i tried it and it seems to work quite allright, btw , there is a Linux (Python)-Port of Soulseek ,too:

    Q: Is there a Linux version of the Soulseek client?

    A: Alex Kanavin is maintaining an open source python port of the Soulseek client that's available at http://www.sensi.org/~ak/pyslsk/

    from the Soulseek FAQ at http://www.slsknet.org/faq.html

    whats your username on Soulseek? i currently use fnordium23

    ah, yeah and the FAQ says , you 'can' open ports 2234 and 5534 for better client performance. whats that supposed to mean? 'can'? either it needs a port or it doesnt, huh? and he doesnt say if he means UDP or TCP either.. whats your experience with firewalling/performance ,what did you open..

    its TCP, and there is a new rc version of Soulseek, read here:



    test3i allows you to initiate uploads to other users, and of course, accept them. by default, only people who are on your "upload permitted" list will be able to send files to you. use the file sharing configuration window to change the access level and see your upload permitted list. adding and removing users to your upload permitted list is done through the user context menu, which works from nearly everywhere. to send files to another user, use "send files" in the same user context menu. this will open a browse window of your own files, which will let send either individual files or entire folders to the selected user. this involved a lot of additions to the code, so expect problems.

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