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SCK2k4: SHARING IS CARING FUCK THE RIAA BIZNATCHES!!!!!!!! w3 5h0u1d g0 70 7h3i2 0ffic35 4nd 0wnz02 7h053 8i7ch35

The14YearOldGeek: Fuck The RIAA i hope they fucking die while trying to pull my fucking foot out from their asses.

a//pollution: hum.. how about i put my 22000 mp3 files and my 100 operating systems in a kazaa shared folder ? what the fuck are they gonna do then?

(j@dogg): screw them there stupid i have been downloading and sharing for a few years now no one can stop me i have a group DATG downloaders against the government for more info johndanielphillips@hotmail.com

Minger: the RIAA can kiss my ass, bunch of retards just tryin to make even more money. damn greedy assmonkeys.

posted by Zach on 3 Sep 03

This is my email to RIAA:

You, motherfuckers just stooped to the record ( no pun intended) low- by suing a little girl in an attempt to gain your corporate proffits. You- stupid dinosaurs from the past century have failed to recognize a simple fact. I.e.- the technology is here- and you are not. You want the rest of us to stop file sharing? Good luck- you sons of bitches. If you don't know how exactly to sell records for a proffit in today's enviroment- just get off the fucking executive board!

Respectfully yours- Defendant # 292.


New campaign started by the CCC today:

Industry Kills Music

Liebe macht jetzt kriminell

http://www.ccc.de/campaigns/boycott-musicindustry?language=de Category:Reasons_to_boycott_the_music_industry