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    Das Schaltkreis-Modell der Entwicklung des menschlichen Bewusstseins[edit]

    von Dr.Timothy Leary:

    "Die sieben Schaltkreise des menschlichen Nervensystems"[edit]

    Das menschliche Nervensystem entwickelt sich aufeinanderfolgend durch sieben Reifestadien. In jedem Stadium tritt ein neuer Schaltkreis des Nervensystems in Erscheinung.

    Die sieben Schaltkreise des Nervensystems sind folgende:

    1. Der bio-vegetative Schaltkreis, beschäftigt mit der Sicherheit im Raum;

      Der Lebens-Überlebens-Schaltkreis - "Wir sind sicher."

    2. Der Erregungs-Fortbewegungs-Schaltkreis, beschäftigt mit der Freiheit im Raum;

      Der Gefühl-Fortbewegungs-Schaltkreis - "Wir sind frei."

    3. Der mental-manipulative Schaltkreis, beteiligt an der Dexterität (s.u.) im Raum;

      Der mental-manipulative Schaltkreis - "We are all right."

    4. Der Sexual-Sozial-Schaltkreis, beteiligt an Elternschaft und Kinderaufzucht;

      Der Gesellschafts-Sexual-Schaltkreis - "Es ist gut."

    5. Der Entzückungs-Schaltkreis, beteiligt an der Körper-Zeit;

      Der Entzückungs-Schaltkreis - "Es ist schön."

    6. Der Ekstase-Schaltkreis, beteiligt an neurologischer Zeit;

      Der Ekstase-Schaltkreis - "Es ist Zeit."

    7. Der neuro-genetische Schaltkreis, beteiligt an der Lebens-Zeit der Spezies.

      Der Neuro-Genetische Schaltkreis - "Wir sind heimwärts unterwegs."

    Zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erweiterte Timothy Leary sein System um einen achten Schaltkreis.

    > siehe auch: LawOfOctaves

    Quelle: NeuroLogic von Timothy Leary


    From Info-Psychology by Dr. Timothy Leary

    ExoPsychology, NeuroLogic

    The Eight Circuits of the Nervous System[edit]

    (also known as EightBrains, Intelligences, Functions)

    The Terrestrial Circuits[edit]

    1. The Biosurvival Circuit: Imprinted in infancy. Concerned with sucking, nourishment, cuddling, biosecurity. Physical Intelligence

    2. The Emotional-Territorial Circuit: Imprinted in the toddling stage. Concerned with territorial demands, emotional power tactics, political domination-and-submission strategies. Emotional Intelligence

    3. The Semantic Circuit: Imprinted by human artifacts and symbol systems. Concerned with handling the environment, invention, calculation, prediction, building a 'map' of the universe. Conceptual Intelligence

    4. The Socio-Sexual Circuit: Imprinted by the first orgasm-mating experiences and tribal 'morals.' Concerned with sexual pleasure, local definitions of 'moral' and 'immoral,' reproduction, nurture of the young. Social Intelligence

    The Extraterrestrial Circuits[edit]

    5. The Neurosomatic Circuit: Imprinted by ecstatc experience via physiological or chemical yogas. Concerned with neurological-somatic (body-brain) feedbacks, feeling high, somatic reprogramming. Sensory Intelligence

    6. The Neuroelectric Circuit: Imprinted by advanced yogas. Concerned with reimprinting and reprogramming all earlier circuits, relativity of 'realities' perceived, cybernetic consciousness. Psychic Intelligence

    7. The Neurogenetic Circuit: Imprinted by advanced yogas. Concerned with evolutionary consciousness (past and future), DNA-RNA-Brain feedbacks, Jung's 'Collective Unconscious.' Mythic Intelligence

    8. The Neuroatomic Circuit: Imprinted by shock or near-death experience. Concerned with quantum consciousness, non-local awareness (beyond spacetime), so-called 'PSI' or 'magick' powers, illumination. Spiritual Intelligence

    Table from 'The Game of Life'[edit]

    The Game of Life by Timothy Leary
    Level of Intelligence Medium of Operation Ecological Niche Reality Goal
    Spiritual Subatomic Mysteries Atomic/Gravity fields Cosmic mind
    Mythic DNA and the Planet DNA structure DNA Mind
    Psychic CNS One's own Brain Mind Control
    Sensory The Body's 5 Senses One's own Body Body Control
    Social Code of Ethics Monotheistic Hive: City Socio/Sex Role
    Conceptual Conceptual Framework Man-made Symbol/Artifact Hive Sanity
    Emotional Belief Systems Land Herd Security
    Physical The Organism Water Safety
    CHAPEL PERILOUS is an initiatory phase marking the transition between the first four intelligences and the latter four. It relates to post-Factor X activities in that both refer to 'out-of-body' states. However, CHAPEL PERILOUS is where souls go when they are lost and Factor X communications refer to how souls are found. CHAPEL PERILOUS is the place 'souls' go after leaving their robot bodies...while these bodies are still alive and walking the planet's surface. Also known as 'The Dark Night of the Soul.' Can also be seen as a negative activation of the 'neurosomatic circuit,' which is endured for as long as it takes the neophyte to effect a positive activation, or permanent body rapture.

    Also See: Timothy Leary

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