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    Law of Octaves[edit]

    A message is the ordering of a signal.

    This message is the framework of an alternative education system, one which arranges living planetary signals into meaningful messages.

    These signals come in octaves, or cycles of eight.

    Languages throughout history have translated these signals as:

    1. The Overtones of Music Theory
    2. The DNA Code
    3. The [I Ching]
    4. Computer Binary Notation
    5. The 8 Mayan Calendars
    6. The GameOfChess

    and other interpretations of the universal Law of Octaves.

    Antero Alli

    Various charts and tabular representations of the human energy octave from the works of Leary, Wilson, Alli, Gurdjieff and Roddenberry.

    Also see: Schaltkreise Timothy Leary Robert Anton Wilson John C Lilly

    The Octave of Energy[edit]

    by Robert Anton Wilson

    The Law of Octaves was first suggested by Pythagoras in ancient Greece. Having observed that the eight notes of the conventional Occidental musical scale were governed by definite mathematical relationships, Pythagoras proceeded to create a whole cosmology based on 8s. In this octagonal model Pythagoras made numerous mistakes, because he was generalizing from insufficient data. However, his work was the first attempt in history to unify science, mathematics, art and mysticism into one comprehensible system and as such is still influential. Leary, Crowley and Buckminster Fuller have all described themselves as modern Pythagoreans....

    The Eightfold Model of Human Consciousness[edit]

    "the map is not the territory"

    The Eight Basic Loser Scripts[edit]

    1. The biosurvival loser: "I don't know how to defend myself."

    2. The emotional-territorial loser: "They all intimidate me."

    3. The semantic loser: "I can't solve my problems."

    4. The sociosexual loser: "Everything I like is illegal, immoral, or fattening."

    5. The neurosomatic loser: "I can't help the way I feel."

    6. The metaprogramming loser: "Why do I have such lousy luck?"

    7. The neurogenetic loser: "Evolution is blind and impersonal."

    8. The neuroatomic loser: "I am not psychic, and I doubt anyone is."

    The Eight Basic Winner Scripts[edit]

    1. The biosurvival winner: "I will live forever or die trying."

    2. The emotional-territorial winner: "I am free; you are free; we can have our separate trips or we can have the same trip."

    3. The semantic winner: "I am learning more about everything, including how to learn more."

    4. The sociosexual winner: "Love, and do what thou wilt." (Anon. of Ibid)

    5. The neurosomatic winner: "How I feel depends on my neurological knowhow."

    6. The metaprogramming winner: "I make my own coincidences, synchronicities, luck, and Destiny."

    7. The neurogenetic winner: "Future evolution depends on my decisions now."

    8. The neuroatomic winner: "In the province of the mind, what is believed to be true is true, or becomes true within certain limits to be learned by experience and experiment." (Dr.John Lilly)

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