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    Ocean Defenders TV (Greenpeace)

    Greenpeace activists clash with Japanese whaling fleet in Southern Ocean whale sanctuary

    Greenpeace frustrates Japanese whale slaughter

    Sea Shepherd News[edit]

    The Nisshin sped up as the Farley Mowat came alongside. A few moments later the factory ship turned and came towards the Farley Mowat despite the fact that the Farley Mowat on the starboard side of the Nisshin Maru had the right of way. Both ships were on a collision course and the Nisshin Maru's bow was plunging high out of the water as she came at full speed towards the Farley Mowat. Captain Watson ordered a mooring line deployed behind the Farley Mowat. As soon as the Nisshin Maru saw the line they turned and backed off to avoid their prop being fouled.

    At 0600 Hours the Nisshin Maru was heading west into heavy seas with the Farley Mowat on her tail.

    Captain Watson notified the Nisshin Maru that they were in violation of International law and that acting under the authority of the United Nations World Charter for Nature, he was ordering them to depart the Southern Oceans and return to Japan.

    1. 24/12/2005 - Sea Shepherd Intercepts Japanese Whaling Fleet
    2. 30/12/2005 - Report from the Farley Mowat with Letter to Australian Senator
    3. 01/01/2006 - Update from the Farley Mowat – Somewhere Off the Coast of Antarctica


    German TV news report today that the japanese whaling ship "Niss [h]in Maru" intentionally rammed the Greenpeace ship "Arctic Warrior" damaging it heavily.

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