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    The webmasteress of http://www.discordian.com

    Saint Mae wrote she has been online since '92, and on the 'net proper since '94. Synchronisticly, she's consciously been Discordian about the same length of time. Her first email userid was 'haileris', really, kinda as a joke. Funny how the little things we do are indicators of our greater destinies, eh? In 1998, she began to want her own domain, originally just to have a cooler email address. When she found that Discordian.com was free, she jumped at it, again not really knowing what she was getting into. She put up a small, badly designed page with some of her Discordian rantings, and left it at that.

    Discordian.com was created by the Church of No Dead Saints to further their purpose of promoting Discordianism as the thinking prankster's religion. The Church believes that Discordianism will die without an influx of modern thought, semi-belief, and Erisian events. By creating this site with it's writings and ideas, St. Mae and the rest of the Church hope to revitalize Discordianism as an intense, throbbing centre of laughter, defiance, and lunacy. Discordian.com wants to help you dance on the altar of human sacrifice.

    Since about 2001, she has ran the annual KallistiCon which is a weekend gathering of Discordians and friends in the San Francisco area. The event generally happens in June, and was last held June 20 to 22, 2008.

    A persistant rumor claims Saint Mae is the reincarnated Discordian Saint Minnie Rae (i.e. Saint Minnie Rae).

    Culture Jamming and Discordianism[edit]

    St.Mae is also known as Autumn Tyr-Salvia and held a speech about Culture Jamming & Discordianism on the 23C3.

    External Links[edit]

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