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Security Analyzing Community

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- Releases -

nSniff ::
IPpCheck ::

nSniff version

0.1.2 description

Packet capturing and network monitoring tool. Contains all basics. Features which are on behalf of network security are planned. It was tested on NetBSD and Linux. I plan also to release it through GNU with the GPL license. Nice tool! For details read the package contents.


IPpCheck version

0.1.6 description

Scans an IP range and checks if a specified port is open for TCP connections. Can also search for specific parts in strings which the servers return. TCP RAW is not implemented completely.

Nice Tool!!!

- Codes -


Implemented: - random port scannning - all ports with their services - non-block read(); - non-block connect(); for effective scanning and portrange declaration. Also getopt(); is implemented for choosing options etc. The structure is new with a Makefile.


'zappa' is an advanced backdoor, which doesn't listen on a TCP-port for clients. It waits for a special ICMP-packet and then it 'connects' back to an UDP-server on the 'client'.

Reach them in #sac.cc on IRCnet