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    - a place (seaport or airport) where people and merchandise can enter or leave a country

    - sweet dark-red dessert wine originally from Portugal

    - an opening (in a wall or ship or armored vehicle) for firing through

    - interface: (computer science) computer circuit consisting of the hardware and associated circuitry that links one device with another (especially a computer and a hard disk drive or other peripherals)

    Ports in Networking[edit]

    In an IP network, a port number is used to identify a network service, which allows one physical computer to listen to various protocols at the same time. The possible range for port numbers is 1 to 65535. This divides up into:

    1-1024 well known ports
    1024-49151 registered and unregistered ports
    49152-65535 private (or dynamic) ports

    Well Known Ports[edit]

    The well known ports are ports between 0 and 1024, assigned by the IANA and on most systems can only be used by system (or root) processes or by programs executed by privileged users.

    To the extent possible, these same port assignments are used with the UDP (RFC 768).


    ports 17-110 (most widely known, complete list below)

    qotd             17/tcp    Quote of the Day
    qotd             17/udp    Quote of the Day
    msp              18/tcp    Message Send Protocol
    msp              18/udp    Message Send Protocol
    chargen          19/tcp    Character Generator
    chargen          19/udp    Character Generator
    ftp-data         20/tcp    File Transfer [Default Data] <-FTP
    ftp-data         20/udp    File Transfer [Default Data] <-FTP
    ftp              21/tcp    File Transfer [Control] <-FTP
    ftp              21/udp    File Transfer [Control] <-FTP

    ssh              22/tcp    SSH Remote Login Protocol <-SSH
    ssh              22/udp    SSH Remote Login Protocol <-SSH
    telnet           23/tcp    Telnet <-Telnet
    telnet           23/udp    Telnet <-Telnet
    24               24/tcp    any private mail system
    24               24/udp    any private mail system
    smtp             25/tcp    Simple Mail Transfer <-SMTP
    smtp             25/udp    Simple Mail Transfer <-SMTP
    #                26/tcp    Unassigned
    #                26/udp    Unassigned
    nsw-fe           27/tcp    NSW User System FE
    nsw-fe           27/udp    NSW User System FE
    #                28/tcp    Unassigned
    #                28/udp    Unassigned
    msg-icp          29/tcp    MSG ICP
    msg-icp          29/udp    MSG ICP
    #                30/tcp    Unassigned
    #                30/udp    Unassigned
    msg-auth         31/tcp    MSG Authentication
    msg-auth         31/udp    MSG Authentication

    #                32/tcp    Unassigned
    #                32/udp    Unassigned
    dsp              33/tcp    Display Support Protocol
    dsp              33/udp    Display Support Protocol
    #                34/tcp    Unassigned
    #                34/udp    Unassigned
    35               35/tcp    any private printer server
    35               35/udp    any private printer server
    #                36/tcp    Unassigned
    #                36/udp    Unassigned
    time             37/tcp    Time
    time             37/udp    Time
    rap              38/tcp    Route Access Protocol
    rap              38/udp    Route Access Protocol
    rlp              39/tcp    Resource Location Protocol
    rlp              39/udp    Resource Location Protocol

    #                40/tcp    Unassigned
    #                40/udp    Unassigned
    graphics         41/tcp    Graphics
    graphics         41/udp    Graphics
    name             42/tcp    Host Name Server
    name             42/udp    Host Name Server
    nameserver       42/tcp    Host Name Server
    nameserver       42/udp    Host Name Server
    nicname          43/tcp    Who Is
    nicname          43/udp    Who Is
    mpm-flags        44/tcp    MPM FLAGS Protocol
    mpm-flags        44/udp    MPM FLAGS Protocol
    mpm              45/tcp    Message Processing Module [recv]
    mpm              45/udp    Message Processing Module [recv]
    mpm-snd          46/tcp    MPM [default send]
    mpm-snd          46/udp    MPM [default send]
    ni-ftp           47/tcp    NI FTP
    ni-ftp           47/udp    NI FTP

    auditd           48/tcp    Digital Audit Daemon
    auditd           48/udp    Digital Audit Daemon
    tacacs           49/tcp    Login Host Protocol (TACACS)
    tacacs           49/udp    Login Host Protocol (TACACS)

    re-mail-ck       50/tcp    Remote Mail Checking Protocol
    re-mail-ck       50/udp    Remote Mail Checking Protocol
    la-maint         51/tcp    IMP Logical Address Maintenance
    la-maint         51/udp    IMP Logical Address Maintenance
    xns-time         52/tcp    XNS Time Protocol
    xns-time         52/udp    XNS Time Protocol
    domain           53/tcp    Domain Name Server
    domain           53/udp    Domain Name Server
    xns-ch           54/tcp    XNS Clearinghouse
    xns-ch           54/udp    XNS Clearinghouse
    isi-gl           55/tcp    ISI Graphics Language
    isi-gl           55/udp    ISI Graphics Language
    xns-auth         56/tcp    XNS Authentication
    xns-auth         56/udp    XNS Authentication
    57               57/tcp    any private terminal access
    57               57/udp    any private terminal access
    xns-mail         58/tcp    XNS Mail
    xns-mail         58/udp    XNS Mail
    59               59/tcp    any private file service
    59               59/udp    any private file service
    60               60/tcp    Unassigned
    60               60/udp    Unassigned
    ni-mail          61/tcp    NI MAIL
    ni-mail          61/udp    NI MAIL
    acas             62/tcp    ACA Services
    acas             62/udp    ACA Services
    whois++          63/tcp    whois++
    whois++          63/udp    whois++
    covia            64/tcp    Communications Integrator (CI)
    covia            64/udp    Communications Integrator (CI)
    tacacs-ds        65/tcp    TACACS-Database Service
    tacacs-ds        65/udp    TACACS-Database Service
    sql*net          66/tcp    Oracle SQL*NET
    sql*net          66/udp    Oracle SQL*NET
    bootps           67/tcp    Bootstrap Protocol Server
    bootps           67/udp    Bootstrap Protocol Server
    bootpc           68/tcp    Bootstrap Protocol Client
    bootpc           68/udp    Bootstrap Protocol Client
    tftp             69/tcp    Trivial File Transfer
    tftp             69/udp    Trivial File Transfer
    gopher           70/tcp    Gopher
    gopher           70/udp    Gopher
    netrjs-1         71/tcp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-1         71/udp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-2         72/tcp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-2         72/udp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-3         73/tcp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-3         73/udp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-4         74/tcp    Remote Job Service
    netrjs-4         74/udp    Remote Job Service
    75               75/tcp    any private dial out service
    75               75/udp    any private dial out service
    deos             76/tcp    Distributed External Object Store
    deos             76/udp    Distributed External Object Store
    77               77/tcp    any private RJE service
    77               77/udp    any private RJE service
    vettcp           78/tcp    vettcp
    vettcp           78/udp    vettcp
    finger           79/tcp    Finger
    finger           79/udp    Finger
    http             80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    http             80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    www              80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    www              80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    www-http         80/tcp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    www-http         80/udp    World Wide Web HTTP <-HTTP
    hosts2-ns        81/tcp    HOSTS2 Name Server
    hosts2-ns        81/udp    HOSTS2 Name Server
    xfer             82/tcp    XFER Utility
    xfer             82/udp    XFER Utility
    mit-ml-dev       83/tcp    MIT ML Device
    mit-ml-dev       83/udp    MIT ML Device
    ctf              84/tcp    Common Trace Facility
    ctf              84/udp    Common Trace Facility
    mit-ml-dev       85/tcp    MIT ML Device
    mit-ml-dev       85/udp    MIT ML Device
    mfcobol          86/tcp    Micro Focus Cobol
    mfcobol          86/udp    Micro Focus Cobol
    87               87/tcp    any private terminal link
    87               87/udp    any private terminal link
    kerberos         88/tcp    Kerberos
    kerberos         88/udp    Kerberos
    su-mit-tg        89/tcp    SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
    su-mit-tg        89/udp    SU/MIT Telnet Gateway
    ########### PORT 90 also being used unofficially by Pointcast #########
    dnsix            90/tcp    DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
    dnsix            90/udp    DNSIX Securit Attribute Token Map
    mit-dov          91/tcp    MIT Dover Spooler
    mit-dov          91/udp    MIT Dover Spooler
    npp              92/tcp    Network Printing Protocol
    npp              92/udp    Network Printing Protocol
    dcp              93/tcp    Device Control Protocol
    dcp              93/udp    Device Control Protocol
    objcall          94/tcp    Tivoli Object Dispatcher
    objcall          94/udp    Tivoli Object Dispatcher
    supdup           95/tcp    SUPDUP
    supdup           95/udp    SUPDUP
    dixie            96/tcp    DIXIE Protocol Specification
    dixie            96/udp    DIXIE Protocol Specification
    swift-rvf        97/tcp    Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol
    swift-rvf        97/udp    Swift Remote Virtural File Protocol

    tacnews          98/tcp    TAC News
    tacnews          98/udp    TAC News
    metagram         99/tcp    Metagram Relay
    metagram         99/udp    Metagram Relay
    newacct         100/tcp    [unauthorized use] 
    hostname        101/tcp    NIC Host Name Server
    hostname        101/udp    NIC Host Name Server
    iso-tsap        102/tcp    ISO-TSAP Class 0
    iso-tsap        102/udp    ISO-TSAP Class 0
    gppitnp         103/tcp    Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
    gppitnp         103/udp    Genesis Point-to-Point Trans Net
    acr-nema        104/tcp    ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
    acr-nema        104/udp    ACR-NEMA Digital Imag. & Comm. 300
    cso             105/tcp    CCSO name server protocol
    cso             105/udp    CCSO name server protocol
    csnet-ns        105/tcp    Mailbox Name Nameserver
    csnet-ns        105/udp    Mailbox Name Nameserver
    3com-tsmux      106/tcp    3COM-TSMUX
    3com-tsmux      106/udp    3COM-TSMUX
    ##########      106        Unauthorized use by insecure poppassd protocol
    rtelnet         107/tcp    Remote Telnet Service 
    rtelnet         107/udp    Remote Telnet Service
    snagas          108/tcp    SNA Gateway Access Server
    snagas          108/udp    SNA Gateway Access Server
    pop2            109/tcp    Post Office Protocol - Version 2
    pop2            109/udp    Post Office Protocol - Version 2
    pop3            110/tcp    Post Office Protocol - Version 3 <-POP3
    pop3            110/udp    Post Office Protocol - Version 3 <-POP3

    Common but unregistered ports[edit]

    The unregistered ports are ports above 1024 (up to 65535) that may be on common use but are not registered with the IANA.

    All ports[edit]

    see Category:Ports and help it grow.

    External Links[edit]

    Complete (long!) list here:

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