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    ExpertQuake Expert is fundamentally unlike any mod you've ever played. Instead of adding a few new weapons and powerups to the game, Expert shifts the focus of the game away from items and onto combat and team strategy. How? The basic idea is: there is nothing in the game that can give you a significant upper hand in combat. You start with all of the weapons and enough health to survive a direct rocket hit. So does everyone else!

    FinalQuake: Real Final Quake: Real will try to reach the most excellent piece of Death Match experience ever and with our very skilled crew and with the best game ever. We will make it, make the funniest, coolest, well programmed and well modeled add on to Quake I ever. The FINAL modification to Quake 1.

    Future vs. Fantasy In FvF, you are allowed to select your character type, or class, from a cast of generic characters that range from magical fantasy: mages, fighters, etc. and sci-fi future: laser androids, cyborgs, etc. The original Quake character is a selectable class, left unaltered, and is classified as future. Each class has an entirely different set of weapons and abilities, thus FvF has 80 different weapons overall. WOW!

    QuakeRally Quake Rally was a mod for the original Quake created by Impact Developments, namely Ryan "Ridah" Feltrin and Rowan "Sumaleth" Crawford. Both hailing from Australia, but never having met, the two of them set out to do what many people thought would be impossible, turn Quake into a fully fledged racing game. Not only did they manage it, but they created one of the best mods Quake ever saw, causing quite a sensation.

    RocketArena The mod that started it all. Rocket Arena began as a way to measure players against each other in a fast and fair fashion. Put two players in an empty room with Rocket Launchers and let them fight it out. Who knew something so simple would transform Quake forever?

    RuneQuake Rune Quake, formerly known as Artifact-RJS Quake, is a one-of-a-kind mod that adds dozens of new runes to Quake 1 gameplay. Runes do everything from making players more powerful to letting them keep a pet Shambler. A must-have for any LAN party!

    ThreewaveCTF One of the most popular and exciting CTF mods available for Quake 1. Threewave adds CTF as a teamplay-based game mode for Quake 1, and includes many new maps and features.

    OSP one of my favorite q3 mods look @ http://www.orangesmoothie.org/

    see: -> Q3 ComputerGames

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