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    OK i know im just asking for it by writing this page under the title Profound but.. i am feeling pretty inspired and this inspiration has put me in a 'deep', profound, 'unusual', comprehension/understanding/mind-search-computation

    so you are thinking, "What's he on about this time?"

    (why is it when you want to make something 'official' then the brain goes blank and the expressive faculties 'go north' ?)

    try this model on your head for a bit:

    • The human body is a microcosm of the universe. External cosmotic forces (lets talk practical first: Sun, Moon, Magnetic Feilds. For the esoterics the subtler cosmotic forces would be: Prana, Chi etc.. * or see "related" below for a nice combo ;) ) permeate/influence/flow through every-thing. As humans we also possess faculties that are directly recieving/reacting or interacting (depending on the amount of mastery one has developed) with these cosmotic forces.

    OK..so whats the big deal here?

    lets use a tricky but helpful model to explain the above model. Think of the Universe as a network, an ubernetwork made up of nodes and nodes and more nodes. A network so connected, so delicate that when something happends, lets say a power outage or a node that disconnects or connects, then every other node recieves information about it.

    what is so profound is that each node has the ability to 'know' what is happening - all over - the network, at - all times -. Think if you learned to reverse engineer these faculties that are constantly connected to the network (cosmos).

    • Related (if "practical" seems not enough for you, but esoteric seems too far out, then look at the theory of "Morphogenetic fields" ,as introduced by Rupert Sheldrake. There you go with a scientific,but non-conservative approach to explaining the same kind of connections between every thing alive.)
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