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    Privacy online and offline

    (Redirected from PrivacyOnlineAndOffline)


    It is important only when you dont have it or can lose it.
    Alot of people went ape-shit over it in history.
    It can create atmospheres that cultivate:

    • imagination
    • creativity
    • revelation

    We know it is important and we know some people make alot of money from the information they gather from us users online (no matter what OS you use) and offline.

    Its called Consumer Profiling.

    Here are some ways to prevent this from happening to you

    Online Privacy[edit]

    “Six Tips to Protect Your Online Search Privacy“[edit]


       1. Don’t put personally identifying information in your search terms (easy)
       2. Don’t use your ISP’s search engine (easy)
       3. Don’t login to your search engine or related tools (intermediate)
       4. Block “cookies” from your search engine (intermediate)
       5. Vary your IP address (intermediate)
       6. Use web proxies and anonymizing software like Tor (advanced)

    There are companies out there who use cookies to track your behavior, tastes, consumer patterns, and interest. Companies like doubleclick who use this information to craft and cater advertisements targeted at us.


    Opt-out of doubleclicks program (See left frame links)
    Disclaimer on the site:

    Your opt-out will be effective for the life of your browser's hard drive or until you delete the cookie files on your hard drive.



    Electronic Opt-Out Resources[edit]

    another site..(redundant though)

    Real World Opt-Out Resources[edit]

    About five million tons of junk mail are sent in the US annually, but the journey from forest to mailbox is long and slow. (Add links for your country above)

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    Cookies help us deliver our services. By using our services, you agree to our use of cookies.