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    PoSture is something that is so subtle. If you are raised with good posture then you will have an easier time in life. Bust most of us are barely taught anything relevant to enjoy life..maybe survive it.

    Wouldn't you rather really live then just endure?[edit]

    We don't learn how to Breath, no one shows us how to Cope with emotions (our parents might..but usually they don't know any better), we aren't taught how to break behavioral patterns (unless you go to a shrink and that doesn't always work either), the love for learning and curiosity is beaten out of us by school. We aren't taught how to realize VerbalAbuse and how to counter it. We aren't taught how to protect ourselves, how to dicipline our bodies and minds. We aren't taught how to use our full potential. This is the tragedy.


    Here is an exercise:

    1. Sit down in a chair or on a pillow on the floor.
    2. Plant your "Sits-Bones" (the bones that you sit on when you come in contact with a surface) into the chair/pillow.
    3. Extend your chest out but dont over extend (measure this by releasing any tension in your shoulders)
    4. if you are holding your shoulders up..release them
    5. Find the point where you spine meets your head (find it with your fingers) it's called your "Occiput" (oxy'put)
    6. Imagine the center of your head is dangling/suspended from a string. This should make you head tilt a little forward whereby your occiput region is opened or extended..but not strained.
    7. Tuck your tail bone in a bit
    8. Feel your spine elongate, become straighter
    9. Breath

    How does that feel?


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